Eureka! Gerard Darel Leather Flap Satchel

  1. I also adore this bag-but haven't found it on any other sites. It's gorgeous!
    [​IMG] :nuts:
  2. My-Oh-My JNH, isn't it BEA-U-TI-FUL??...

    I think it is :heart:love:heart: !!! It looks like the everything bag for me. I am determined to find it. Sheesh... figures it's elusive!! :hysteric: :smile:

    Someone...please help...pleeeeeeeeeease? :smile:
  3. The Gerard Darel bags are very stylish -- but very slouchy/sacky. When you put it on the floor, it spreads out like an octopus. This bag you like was on sale at Neiman's for ages. Google the Gerard Darel sales office representative phone number in New York City, and ask them for a retail outlet for this bag. I did that for the Drape bag, and they located the exact color in the exact store near me. Hope that helps.
  4. P.S. to all. I bought the metallic gold Gerard Darel drape bag at Neiman's on sale for $175. A great deal. A good travel bag because it squishes flat in your suitcase so you can switch bags.
  5. Oh you have good taste. . .I only wish I could help you find that gorgeous bag. Let us know how you go - good luck!
  6. I tried to locate someone, but without luck. Their website didin't allow me in either. Here is another bag that NM is carrying now.

  7. OH NO! :push: I was thinking/*hoping it was firm (but soft) leather. The photo makes it look like it stands up by itself. I think my illusions have been shattered.:crybaby:
    Thanks for the info (I think :smile: )

    Back to the drawing board...
  8. Thanks for the help JNH- I saw this one on NM but I'm not keen on the chain strap . Seems uncomfortable to me :hrmm: And it just doesn't *tickle my fancy* like the other one. But, great suggestion otherwise.
  9. Keep checking NM for the leather flap satchel! It pops in and out of the sale page quite regularly. Bookmark it and check it every other hour or so...

    I had this bag and it was really lovely. I had to return it, unfortunately, because one of the seams started coming out. It is also a huge bag so that might be an issue if you don't like bags that are too big!
  10. Thanks for the tip Mimi! "Largish" (not huge:smile:) is ok. The fact that it was coming unstitched is. I wonder if that is a quality issue?
  11. floppy isn't good either :sad:
  12. Anyone have any suggestions for bags that are very similar to this one but on the firm side?
  13. That bag is GIGANTIC. Just too big for being practical IMO. I picked up this GD last week: (sorry, can't copy the picture) and it's great.

    I agree, it's super slouchy, but it wasn't as big a deal as i thought it would be. It still holds everything just fine (book, water bottle, wallet, mobile, folder for work, etc etc). If there's stuff in it and the snap is closed, it actualy does stand fairly up right. It's when the bag is empty and the snap is open that it just smooshes all over the place.

    This bag has immediately become my everyday bag. I can't say enough good things about it!