Eureeka!! I found it!! (Subtitle: Could ISUS be right?!)

  1. OK so do you all remember my thread about the 30 and 35 sizes? We've seen them over and over, haven't we. Now I love the 30 and find it perfect for a nice night out with my honey...and I love the 35 as a more casual bag. Both work pretty well for me.
    Our lovely Isus suggested the HAC to me when I saw her in NY. Yeah, yeah, yeah Isus. I nodded politely to placate her. "He, he, he, sure it is..." I muttered under my breath...;)
    I mean who hasn't heard concerns about the proportions...and the concerns about the shorter handle....
    BUT...I do have freakishly thin arms....should I try this, I wondered??

    You know I am impetuous and a daredevil---so I decided what the heck!!:graucho:
  2. ...annnnndddddd......
  3. ok RC, what are you up to?
  4. Quick!! SPILL! I know you brought a H baby home!!!!!
  5. :yahoo: Goooooooooo RC!!
  6. Slippers on. Check.
    Teen out of the house. Check.
    Martini in big chilled martini glass. Check.
    Four olives. Check

    OK....I'm ready.

  7. Ok, I'm ready for you. Now, come on, give it up.....
  8. Oh no - she's gonna a drop a bomb-sheel and I can't stay!!!!

    ARRRRGGGGGHHHHH have fun ladies, Shopmom have a drink for me :drinkup:

    I'll be back later.
  9. I'm sorry, loves, I had to run and get a glass of wine...did you see the latest research that red wine not only is good for the cardiovascular but it acts as an MTOR inhibitor. MTOR dysregulation has been linked to a number of cancers including breast cancer so it is good to drink up! But I digress...

    So I finally had the chance to try a HAC and I absolutely love the style!! i find it a perfect shape for me. I think it is a very elegant shape and love the N/S profile. The handles aren't a problem for me at all because again ...freakishly thin arms...

    and not only did I try the HAC....I couldn't resist it!:graucho:;)
  10. F5 F5 F5 it RED?
  11. HOLD ON, Everyone.......
  12. RC, NOW... you tell me about the wine....

    Well, better late than never.....
  13. So I'd like to introduce to you
    Ms Marron Fonce (such a yummy color) in Fjord (such a yummy skin) with gh!

    Taaa Daaaaa!!

  14. Not just a HAC .... something else too???!!!!:nuts:
  15. Ooooooh! :drool:

    I love that color! Is it a very dark brown?