Eukanuba Cup National Championship dog show..

  1. Did anyone else attend? It was in Long Beach CA last weekend. I went with a friend who was showing her dog and it was just an amazing experience. It will be televised in early Feb. We spend 3 full days at the convention center in Long Beach , ( brief trip to South Coast Plaza Hermes however!) and I've just never seen such a spectacle. So many fabulous dogs that spend HOURS being groomed for the ring. They were so well behaved! Our hotel was just over-run with dogs everywhere.. I loved it!
    Anybody else there...??
  2. Yep! We live in Naples so we went over. It was amazing!
  3. I've always wanted to go to a big dog show and never have.... so it was cool, huh?
  4. Aww, I love watching the dog shows on television. I've always wanted to be in the audience to watch it, you are very lucky!! Sounds like you had fun! Did you take any pics?