Eugenie Wallet vs Zippy Wallet

  1. Hi Guys...which one would you choose?
  2. I got the eugenie recently. I love it, but I think the zippy is easier to get things in and out of, since the eugenie is a tri-fold style wallet.
  3. i will prefer eugenie, got more cards slot and easy to take the cards in and out, and the photo or ID slot, pretty wallet that i say !
  4. I prefer the ZIPPY.
  5. I prefer the Zippy as well. The Zippy is about a big of a wallet that I would carry...If you're looking for a very large wallet the Eugenie would probably be a better choice.
  6. Both great wallets ... are you thinking mono? I'm waiting for the epi eugenie in cassis (hopefully) and lusting over the vernis violette zippy.
  7. i own the mono zippy and LOVE it! the zippy has a few long pockets to put your cash, receipts, coupons, etc and it holds 8 CCs. The zipper closure helps keep everything neatly in the wallet without any peep throughs.

    i didn't choose the Eugenie because of the closure. i would be too angry with myself if I put a scratch on that thinger.
  8. I have a vernis zippy and I love it! I was worried about the Eugenie clasp getting scratched.
  9. I had trouble deciding that as well but I went with the Eugenie because I thought it was feminine, prettier, and classier. I'll admit it takes more time to open it up, unfold it and get stuff out, so if you want quick, then get the zippy.
  10. I like the zippy. You can put a lot of stuff in it and it still stays neat and organized.
  11. zippy For Me
  12. zippy
  13. i love the zippy!
  14. i have the multicolore zippy and I just adore it!
  15. i'd vote for eugenie
    zippy looks kind of "flat" to me.