Eugenie or Zippy Wallet?

  1. :heart:Your thoughts pleeezzz...
  2. <-----i like the look of the eugenie, it has alot of CC slots.... personally, I don't like all that zipper.....but that's me...
  3. I like the eugenie too.
  4. I was considering between the above along with the Pochette wallet. I ended with a Pochette becuase is looks so feminine and I can use it as a clutch.

    If I have to choose between the 2 you have mentioned, I would go with Eugene. If you want a more casual look, then go with the zippy.
  5. Eugenie for sure! I love the size, can be carried as a clutch and has loads of room for credit cards, etc.
  6. To me the eugenie is the perfect LV wallet. Looks great, has lots of credit card slots and it has an ID window. And you can carry it as a clutch.
  7. Eugenie has more cc slots than the zippy wallet, if that matters. I too, think the eugenie is the perfect wallet, though the koala comes a close second (because I need a lot of card slots)
  8. I got the Eugenie and it is the greatest LV wallet I have ever owned and I own a lot! The picture window for ID is a big hit as well as having the outside zippered coin compartment.....the amount and locations for credit cards and parking slips is tdf!!
  9. I have the zippy and I have yet to see the eugenie IRL but it looks extremely practical - there are more CC slots and the ID window is cool. It probably fits a passport too, but I'm not sure. The only qualm some might have is with the koala lock (I think that's what it's called) because there are sometimes issues with it breaking but I think it's cute.
  10. im gonna say the zippy.....i have it and love it!
  11. my concern on the Eugenie is that "buckle" area might get scratched over time, the part where you open and close the wallet.....
    I'm eyeing the zippy because of this. I think the lack of card slots on the zippy is made up in the room inside the patch pockets area.
    I have more cards than the Eugenie can hold anyway.

    I'm leaning towards the zippy because everything can be zippered in. I get careless and tend to drop things......

    BUT, i don't own either one. Still debating on which wallet to go with.......
  12. I vote for the Eugenie
  13. I been thinking about this one since the Eugenie came out. I love the style and everything about it. The zippy for whatever it lacks is still better even if it doesn't have 12 slots. It makes up in capacity and the all around zipper keeps everything secure.
  14. I love both. One reason I got my koala wallet is the clasp, though I did want a big wallet. I think the eugenie is perfect since it has the clasp AND it's big. Very nice!
  15. I would go with the euginie if it was between the two, but I so love the zipped purse - a bit smaller than the zippy wallet, but perfect size for everyday use.