Eugenie or Amelia Mahina wallet?

  1. I need to decide which wallet to buy. Pls help me decide. I am thinking of a black Mahina wallet or Epi Eugenie or Mono Eugenie.
  2. I thought of buying the mahina too but the 18 cc slots is a little too much, so I ended up with the mono eugenie ... love the i.d. slot in it. And I can find it easy in my mahina xl and all my other LV's.
  3. I love the Mahina Amelia wallet, but there is no ID slot and to me that is essential to me in any wallet. Plus, there seems to be a little too many CC slots.
  4. Eugenie!
  5. I love the look of the black Mahina wallet best. But.... I have to have a credit card window so I would probably get the Eugenie just because of that. But if you don't care about that I would go with the black Mahina wallet
  6. eugenie!
    mono or epi, they are both good! though personally i prefer epi
  7. If you're looking to buy a BLACK one, Epi Eugenie is amazing and I recommend it, however if you don't mind not having an ID slot and you have a lot of CC and carry all of them with you, the mahina will works better for you. But do stick to color BLACK if you're going for the EPI, just in case you fall inlove with a WHITE wallet, try to go for the mahina. My white EPI didn't work out well after only a few days of uses with my Black Neo CAbby but my SA was wonderful enough to let me exchange it for a Black one after i called it in. My white Mahina didn't stain at all. Hope this helps you out and have a great time shopping.
  8. eugenie!
  9. euginie!
  10. definitely eugenie. I personally think it's too inconvenient to pull out my ID out of it's slot all the time.
  11. the first time i saw the Amelia wallet i regretted buying my Eugenie. but then when i realized that the 18 credit card slots make up for the lack of an ID window i decided not to get the Amelia after all.
  12. The Mahina is absolutely gorgeous and unique! I think it is stunning...
  13. I like the Eugenie over the Amelia. Good luck with the decision! ;)
  14. I would go for the mahina wallet:love:
  15. Amelia!