Eugenie: My dorky story!

  1. I've just recently discovered that LV have produced a beautiful wallet named after the French Empress, Empress Eugenie

    My first name is Bernadette, named after the French saint, and my middle name is Eugenie, named after the French Empress of her time, Empress Eugenie.

    I'm really excited because I always liked the story behind my names, even though they are uncommon and I often have to repeat myself when saying my full name!!

    Anyway, I thought I'd share my little story here, hope that's ok!!
  2. Cute!! Thank you for sharing!! Now you have to go get yourself a Eugenie wallet!!:graucho:
  3. ^^^^ was thinking the same thing!!! Great excuse to buy yourself a new LV... "they made it for me!".....:p
  4. Lol! Yes it would be only right for me to have one ;)

    I checked at my local Louis Vuitton (Perth, Western Australia) yesterday for the ivory Eugenie, but they were sold out. The SA assured me they'll be receiving more

    Thanks ladies!!
  5. Nice story!
    Now goo get one!!! :nuts:
  6. Ahhh...the fashionable Empress Eugenie. You should get yourself the wallet. By the way, Saint Bernadette is one of my patron saints.
  7. you have a beautiful name.. now, go get yourself that wallet! ;)