Eugenia Kim for Coach

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  1. A 20-piece collection of hats from famed milliner Eugenia Kim is slated to be launched in April at select Coach stores (definites so far are the Legacy boutique and Coach flagship on Madison Avenue). Prices will range from $128-398.
    The Maude

    The Legacy Stripe Tara

    The Eugenia
  2. I like the Legacy Stripe Tara---CUTE!
  3. I like the Tattersall one!!! And the Maude just looks so elegant... I can imagine it being worn to church, :p
  4. I love the Legacy stripe Tara! So cute!!! Must... have...
  5. Hmmm, I'm not a big fan of hats. They are cute, just not me!
  6. I love the Eugenia!
  7. I am a big fan of hats and hopefully will be able to snag one of these.
  8. Ok I need the Eugenia! Too bad I can't fathom spending that much for a hat.
  9. LOVE the Eugenia!!
  10. love the eugenia, the maude is really pretty too, I would just not never wear it! :p
  11. I NEED the legacy stripe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Has anyone found that her hats fit on the small side? Anyway, these are super cute, I will be keeping an eye out for sure!
  13. These are cool...I hope we get them in Vegas!
  14. Cool! I love hats! Coach better sell these somewhere on the West Coast!
  15. I love the Eugenia, my favorite style hat-newsboy cap.