Eugenia Kim and Coach

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  1. Did you guys know that Eugenia Kim and Reed Krakoff designed this season's spring hats for Coach ? I am not so into the hats but here is some info on Eugenia Kim I was reading this in one of my magazines and I thought I would share.
  2. I've never heard of Eugenia Kim, Mrs. MC.
  3. she is a NYC designer who is mostly know for her hats. I am not a big hat person but she has designed some really cute shoes too. here are some with swarovski crystals[​IMG]
  4. Yeah -she's the hottest hat designer around these days I believe -the hats are really cute but a little pricey - I love the idea of hats, but I buy them and never wear them and end up selling for a fraction of what I paid. I do love the tattersall ones though - maybe if they're still around on the next PCE I'll get one!
  5. I thought I had read something about that - I have to say I am loving these new hats! They are just adorable!
  6. The hats are so cute. I really wish I could pull off wearing one - we have two convertibles, and a cute hat upon arrival would really come in handy!!