EU locals and FSH store

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Jan 1, 2016
Hello everyone,
I would like to discuss experience at FSH store for EU locals.
I had my first (but unsuccessful) experience and hope to know your experience on how to successfully score a bag, as an EU local.
I am Germany-based and have family in France. I usually shop with my local store in Germany, but it takes long time to wait for a bag. Thus, I tried the FSH store. Last week, I managed to get an appointment at 4pm through online system. I took one day off and took train to Paris, only for the appointment. They didn't have any in stock for what I asked for, so I left with empty hands.
I will continue to try, but my concern is whether that is a waste of time and money. I would not compromise much just to have a bag (I already have Birkin). I only take a bag which is exactly what I want.
Should you share with me your experience at FSH store?
1) How many try did you make before you got the bag you want?
2) Should buying some items at FSH help?
3) Having a late appointment is hopeless?
Let's discuss your experience at FSH store. It might help others to save time and money.
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Oct 20, 2006
Yes, I suggest reposting your question in Paris Trip thread, there are lots of folks there from EU as well. Thanks!
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