Etui Voyage - how much can the PM hold?

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  1. Looking to buy the Etui Voyage soon, I just don't know if I need the PM or GM. What I need it to hold is: Pocket Organizer, Cles, iPhone, and cigarettes. I feel like the PM could hold all of that, but I am not sure if it would be bulging, warped, and/or difficult to close when full? The GM would be an excellent size, but I prefer something more compact and inconspicuous when I'm buying monogram.
  2. I have the gm and it fits my ipad, charging cords my passport and travel papers with lots of room to spare. Seeing the measurements of the PM on the website I believe that your items should fit, maybe also with room to spare.
  3. Just curious. Are they hard to find? They currently are call for availability? I'm on ban island for a while, but am interested after the new year.
  4. I have a big move coming up. Mainland back to Hawaii and want to wait to buy there, because one cheaper and two I'm taking the bare minimum and renting the guest house of my sisters. Fully furnished and ready for me.
  5. No one can predict whether they will have them after the new year or not... However, my store had plenty in stock a few days ago. I’m sure they are quite popular given the lower price point.
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  6. Awesome thank you. I already have my SA hunting mini pochettes for me. I just wasn't sure if they were easy to come by or if they were like the kirigami that never returned lol. I have been on a slg kick all year and need to slow down and enjoy what I have. The mini pochettes are so efficient as wallets to me. I have the tahitienne azur and a mono Christmas animation, but find the mono to be high maintenance. It's already rubbing in spots and I keep it separate from everything to help with the rubbing. Plus I'm kind of bored with the giraffes.
  7. Just order one. Can't wait to get it!
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  8. Yes, I ordered the PM and it arrived today! It is just big enough to hold everything I need without bulging. It is MIF and the alignment is practically perfect. The Bloomingdales that sent it packed it up much more carefully than the webstore would have, and for some reason there was no tax added which was a nice surprise. Compared to the Pochette Apollo I have been carrying I am loving the compact size of the Etui Voyage PM. It's adorable and comfortable to carry. My only complaint is the zipper not being smooth, but it's not a big deal.
  9. Could you post some mod shots and pics of what fits inside and also how you use it? Am planning on getting one myself
  10. Here's a size comparison with a Pocket Organizer, Cles, Pocket Agenda, and Pochette Apollo (which is about the same size as the Etui Voyage GM). Second pic shows it closed with all three items inside. I'm using it as a pouch/clutch to carry my essentials to work.

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  11. Thanks for the pics. It is very helpful. I want to use it for work to carry my things as well. Am tossing up between this and the pochette voyage pm.
  12. I'm bummed. Got my pm and the zipper is so uneven(one side is really close to the edge and the other much farther away) and the glazing it peeling in a spot. The zipper is sewn in weird on the corner and it's almost loose in one spot. I'm normally not too worried about small things but I plan to use this daily as a purse organizer and don't want to have to worry about it. Back it goes. :sad:
    Atleast I still have my trusty trousse 23 I just want something more flexible for some smaller bags.
    Ps the flaw didn't photo well. IMG_4838.jpg IMG_4839.jpg IMG_4840.jpg
  13. I ordered a GM and hope to be home when the ups person comes tomorrow. I wanted to compare the two sizes and see which works better. Or keep both lol. Now I will have to find another pm.
  14. Hi all! Does ipad mini fit in the pm and MBP13 in the gm? Thanks
  15. IPad mini fits in PM. Yes Mac book fits in GM.
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