Etsy-related problem

  1. Has anyone had issues buying on I purchased an item at the beginning of December, and paid with Paypal on Dec. 10th. I saw the payment cleared the same day. It's now Dec. 26 and I haven't received it yet, although the status on that item says "shipped."

    Before I made the purchase, I'd been emailing with the seller because the item was handmade and I wanted to ask about specific materials. After I paid, I emailed her again on Dec. 14 to ask when I should be expecting the item. She didn't reply. I emailed again Dec. 21 and still no response.

    I understand the people go away for the holidays, etc., but I think if she did ship it (I'm not sure if Etsy automatically sets the status to "shipped" after payment cleared or if the seller has to set it herself) shortly after the payment cleared, USPS should have it to me by now? In comparison, I ordered something from Target on Dec. 20 and it was shipped USPS to me and I've already received it!

    Should I wait until the holidays are over and email again, or contact Etsy, or contact Paypal?
  2. Who did you purchase from btw? I noticed though with etsy sellers, they don't email much but I always end up getting the item. Takes longer then eBay though.

    Also the seller would have to put it manually to shipped. Some items I've bought don't show up as shipped but eventually get to me anyway.

    Does the seller have good fb?
  3. Contact etsy. They are very good about following up. Paypal should be your next step. Good Luck!!
  4. The seller is called QuietDoing. I'm new to Etsy buying so I didn't realize there was feedback, but her feedback is 100% pos. But I just noticed that other people have also said she takes awhile to ship. And her shop description does say it may take up to 2 weeks to ship, but another customer ordered on the 1st and received her item on the 24th, which is over three weeks! I noticed that the seller changed the status to "Shipped" within a day of the payment clearing though, so I took it to mean that it actually did ship. I guess I should continue waiting?
  5. Seems like she has tons of feedback. I'd wait since I'm sure you'll get it. I do notice etsy items take SOOO much longer then eBay! No clue why but perhaps sometimes they need to make more items, etc? I really don't know but perhaps because they are artsy also means they are more prone to letting things slipping? j/k I wouldn't worry too much about it though. Whenever I order from etsy, I always try to forget about it since it always takes forever, no matter what seller I've ever ordered from.
  6. I have not bought on esty but have bought art on eBayOne seller is a powerseller with 100% feedback but she takes about 1 month to ship out her items. Basically she finishes the painting and automatically lists it, but it takes 3 weeks or more for the paint to dry.. When I got my (large) painting after 4 weeks I got it out and my son leaned up against it and some purple paint even came off on his t-shirt because it wasn't dry yet (luckily didn't affect the painting.) Oil-based paints aplied thickly can take forever to dry.