Etsy Pumped!

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  1. I hadnt sold anything in my esty store for MONTHS, and had almost given up, but I finally sold a ring today! hooray :yahoo:! I was so pumped about it I added many more things.

    Anybody else having difficultly getting shoppers? I think things are looking up!
  2. I just opened up a shop too!! I've only had a handful of's hard getting sales these days with the recession and all. Congrats on your first sale!! The first couple sales are always exciting!

    By the way though not to totally rain on your parade (but the rules are strictly enforced here for the most part)...I do believe in order to advertise your store in your signature, you have to have at least 500+ posts and be a member for at least 3 months. You have the membership down, so just post post post!!

    Again, congrats!
  3. nuts. I didnt know that....
  4. ^^
    Yeah, before I advertised in my siggy I looked up the rules just to make sure I wasn't breaking any. Another lady in the forum advertised her Etsy store in a designer sub-forum but her link got edited out by a mod since she didn't meet the requirements.

    I think the restrictions are there because Megs and Vlad don't want "spammers" or scammers to advertise. You are clearly not either of those, but I guess advertising on tPF is a privilege/perk you get after breaking the threshold.
  5. Congrats. I like the red ring that was sold, cute.
  6. Congrats on your sale!
    I haven't sold anything yet in my Etsy shop. My sister sold two items in her shop within the first two weeks that she opened hers.
  7. congrats!!!
    you will have more to come!
  8. Even though I haven't sold anything on etsy yet, I did sell one of my purse charms at a craft show last weekend so of course I'm making more now! And I am starting a line of car decals for women...butterflies, flowers and flourishes. I sold some of those at the show. Just got to get around to uploading them sometime.
  9. you should make cupcake decals and other sweets, I think I would have to have some
  10. ^^^My sister said the same thing! I'll make a cupcake one this weekend and post it to see what people think.
  11. i haven't sold anything in my store yet either, but i think my things are coming up for a re-listing soon so i'm going to space them out to get more exposure so then hopefully something with happen!