Etsy bag makers you admire?

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  1. I did a forum search and not much chatter on etsy made bags in the last few years so may I start one?

    My favorite store on etsy to browse might be Valhalla Brooklyn.
    I have one of their bags (6 years old) and the quality, design, and details are great. I am currently drooling over this one.

    I just love the color combo and all the exterior pockets and carry options.

    So tell me of your good experiences on etsy and favorite shops there!
  2. Great thread! There is a shop called LittleBagEmporium that I adore. The woman is based in London and makes handbags out of vintage Indian textiles with veetable tanned leather accents. Lovely.

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  3. I just love Laurel Dasso of Dalle Mi Mani. Take a look. All hand made by her alone...
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  4. Another fan here of Laurels bags......just wonderful in every way:yahoo:
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  5. image.png image.png
    I found a few fun bags today I wanted to share.
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  6. I like foxes and elephants!

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  7. Anyone here fans of etsy bags?
  8. I am eyeing several Etsy bags, but I have not taken the plunge, yet. I esp. like ladybug (I think this is the name) from Poland and theleatherstore from the UK.
  9. I am obsessed with Opelle Creative! They are handmade in Canada and the leather quality is superb. I already bought two of her bags this year and I'm dying to see the new fall bags in a couple weeks!
  10. BaliElf has fun bohemian bags and shoes and SLGs. image.jpeg
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    1. The Atlantic Ocean
    2. Hustle And Hide
    3. Rustic Moon Leather
  11. I love this hustle & hide bag image.jpeg

    But rustic moon leather might be too rustic for me. This looks like a RM mini mac, cowgirl edition! :smile: image.jpeg
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  12. H&H leathers are AMAZING. I have 3 of their fanny packs. The leather is thick and supple, but they do scratch easily. And since they don't put lining in their bags, little bits of leather tends to get into my stuff especially on my phone, so I don't use their bags that often anymore.Their fanny packs are versatile as you can wear them 3 different ways: you can wear them as a fanny pack with the strap wrapped around your waist, or use the clasps and clip it on your belt loop, or carry it crossbody/on your shoulder as a purse. Their customer service is amazing and Teddi is one of the sweetest sellers I've ever met. I highly recommend them! They also accept returns so if you don't like it for whatever reason, you can return it.

    I had one bag from Rustic Moon Leather and I didn't like the leather. It felt too thin. The seller uses what she calls "dani leather," It's not as thick and supple as H&H's leather. I bought one of her purses that had fringes on the crossbody strap as well as on the bag itself. It looked awful on me and it was way too big for my frame. Thankfully I was able to return it. I'm planning on making a custom bag from RML in the future so I hope I like it. I wish she toned down on the fringes on most of her bags, but I guess without the fringe her bags would look really plain. I'm also not a fan of the diagonal cut on that flap, it looks like a child cut it and she just slapped it on the bag. Not a fan.

    ETA: I almost forgot. The seller of RML is friendly but she does take a few days to respond. She is a mom with kids so it's understandable that she is not always on front of the computer and responding to messages.
  13. Thanks I went and read the threads.
    Was surprised that quality of Valhalla Brooklyn was iffy for some ; mine is the nicest leather and looks brand new six years later.
    Most of the raves from five year old posts referred to shops that are no longer on etsy.