Etsy ad in signature - against the rules or not?

  1. I have recently opened an store, I was wondering if advertising it in my signature was against the rules? I kind of need all the help I can get, but I don't want to break the rules obviously.
  2. After 500 posts and 5 months of membership, you are then allowed to link to your business in your signature.
  3. Ah thanks a lot Vlad!
  4. ^Im curious, if you can link Etsy listings, can you also link eBay listings under your pf name?
  5. No eBay listings, period. Good question though!
  6. Is etsy like eBay? Selling personal items?

    If so, we won't allow that either. And no eBay id's/links
  7. how about children's books? I just started, can I put a link to my page in my signature for selling children's books?

  8. well, it MAY or MAY NOT be. the thing with esty's like a mix between an online store and eBay. they are ONLY a third party and charge fees per listing with the buyer/seller handling everything else themselves so in that way it IS like eBay. and it's supposed to be for things the seller personally makes (unlike eBay where you can resell goods) or is vintage. but on the other hand, there are no auctions involved so no shill bidding, etc. UNLIKE eBay.

    hope that helps explain it a little. ;)
  9. Ok is just an online shopfront to sell handmade items. So no designer handbags involved, hence no fakes. I'm assuming the no ebay listings is to prevent fakes? Listing fees are paid to list the item, but it's not an auction. And all items sold have to be handmade unless you put 'commercially produced' in the listing, but that's usually frowned upon.