ET's evolving collection

  1. Since I recently photographed my Coach "family," someone suggested that I post in the showcase as well. I will see if I can find pics of my other "families" too, and maybe some things that have come and gone just to see how things have changed over time. :smile:

    Here is the Coach collection (of course I forgot to include sunnies in this grouping :wtf: )
    Bag collection.jpg Key fobs and lanyards.jpg Silk scarves.jpg Winter Scarves.jpg Wristlets and coin purses.jpg
  2. very nice! Glad you posted!:yes:
  3. Very cute keyfobs and wristlets!
  4. Thanks Swanky and blew!

    My latest acquisition (arrived today) the interior!
    Abbey flap.jpg Abbey interior.jpg
  5. i love the wristlets and coin purses!
  6. My (mostly former) Chloe collection. I can't find a pic of the chamoise Edith, but I had one of those for a while, too. The only remaining item in my collection is the whiskey Edith. I think now I would like to find another chamois, and maybe something in mousse...
    Chloe Blanc Pocket angle.jpg ChocoShopper.jpg Edithoutsideshade.jpg Chloe Blue outside 3.jpg Chloe Mousse Big Pocket outside.jpg
  7. Found chamois pics...
    Ediths outside front.jpg Chamois on door.jpg
  8. My Hogan collection. I have the lemon Scout and the H flap...the other two are gone. I also had a biscotti Scout at one time, and a green Shopper. Ah, the ones that got away!
    YellowScoutoutside.jpg HoganCollection051006.jpg Hogan H Scout.jpg
  9. My beloved Balenciagas. All have moved on to new homes except the Blue India City...I will keep her forever!
    04 and 05 pewter b-bags outside.jpg Pursefront.jpg Blue India pair.jpg BI outside 1.jpg Ink City front.jpg
  10. And miscellaneous...

    Denim Marc Jacobs Multipocket -- gone to new home
    Celine Bittersweet -- sent back; wayyyy too big
    Pierotucci croco embossed tote -- still have
    Gucci belt bag -- still have
    Pierotucci black tote -- still have
    Denim MJ no flash.jpg Celinefrontresized.jpg HACfrontopen.jpg Gucci Belt Bag front.jpg PToutside2.jpg
  11. Very big! Very nice! Love love that whiskey Edith and allllllllll of the balenciagas!
  12. I love your collection!!
  13. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your Coach wristlets and keychains!! The skull one is TDF!
  14. Beautiful collection, love the chloe and balenciaga
  15. wow so many awesome bags. congrats.