Etro Olive Suede Hobo 50% off on NM

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  1. Please don't post these...............I'm driven to distraction - and becoming suicidal - I generally get to these links too late - and they aren't available (I'm in UK) - and its sad for me:crybaby: Today, I've seen at least 3 I like - so I don't know how I can choose. :yahoo:

    Seriously though - thanks SO much for posting - its brilliant - you are a true star:flowers:

  2. Thanks :smile: !

    I post them so that some else with more moolah grabs it and removes my temptation to splurge. LOL !
  3. :smile:Good thinking! Is it working though?:roflmfao:

    Some of these deals are outrageous - we never get anything like that here - its unfair methinks!;)