Etro Arnica Tote

  1. I am absolutely dying for this bag!! :nuts: I know it's already on sale at ELuxury, but I'm wondering if there's any other sales OR if anyone thinks I should wait and the price might go down a little more after Christmas?? It's currently listed at $559. Think I can get it for less than this somewhere else?

    Here's a link to it on ELuxury:
    eLUXURY - Etro - Etro Arnica Two-Pocket Large Tote

    And here is the bag :heart:
  2. oooh, love the colourful handles!!!
  3. I sure hope you bought it because it's gone from their website..I like that bag too.
  4. How cute is that bag!! Love the colors. Hope you can find one at the price you want.