Etriers colorway 05 (red/blue)

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  1. Huge favor!! Can someone post a real life photo of the Etriers 05 colorway? The colors from the stock photo look like red/blue/silver but I'd like to get the feel for the scarf in a real life photo:smile: TIA!!
    Picture 1.jpg
  2. Unless they have another one with black background with reddish accents, I believe the the red in this one is actually a very intense and deep rose shocking (or was it bouganvillier??) in real life. I think the official color name of the colorway was also a pink one because I remember seeing the list and was so excited about it that I had my SA rush out to ther other boutique to bring it over. But when I tried it on, it didn't work for me so I ended up with another cw. But I'm sure it'll be gorgeous on others. BTW, the etriers design ties so well. It's my curent favorite =)
  3. I also ordered this colorway and it is indeed fucshia, med/light grey and the background a deep like indigo blue. The medium blue is bright too, I can't recall what color it looks close too... I was not a fan of the colorway but love the patteren too. I hope this helps!!:flowers: