Etoupebirkin's H-appy Birth-tea Party Reveal

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  1. This birthday has been more broad spectrum (BV, Louboutin, jewelry) than last year which was a total H-fest. But Hermes is fairly represented and I LOVE everything.

    From left to right:

    The bargains (Like restricter, I cannot resist a good deal!)
    Bielke Sunflower Necklace (A bargain at 50% off)
    Elizabeth Locke Pink Tourmaline Earrings (More than 50% off)

    From my Uber Generous DH
    Yossi Harari Multi-strand sapphire Necklace
    Roberto Coin Haute Couture Champagne Diamond Ring
    Piranesi Sapphire/Champagne Diamond Earrings (present from 10+ years ago)

    Hermes Items
    Horn and Lizzie Necklace
    Carre en Carre Silk Jersey
    Cent Plis de Maio Scarf
    Vie du Grand Nord Scarf

    Bottega Veneta "Tea" Medium Cabat (Hence the Tea Party)

    Louboutin Peep Toe Pumps (Balto Bag Lady Is Responsible) for these.

    Close ups to follow.

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  2. As promised,

    The close ups — the jewelry.

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  3. The Lizzie/Horn necklace. This is one of the coolest H pieces I own.

    I got the Lizzie Double Tour in March in NYC with the Chat peeps for WOW.

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  4. happy hatching day!

    gorgeous and congrats

  5. The scarves.

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  6. EB , congrats I love your taste, everything is fantastic. Happy Birthday, enjoy in the best of health and happiness
  7. Happy Birthday! You did well, love everything, enjoy all.
  8. There are so many wonderful Birthdays in September! Congratulations and happy birthday, etoupebirkin! Your birthday haul is just gorgeous! I esp. love the Champagne Diamond Ring!
  9. The tea bag and Loubies.

    I had been wanting the tea bag since last year when I got my Ciel Kelly instead. But they still had it this year and I am thrilled to get it.

    BBL posted she went to Saks and got some Loubies and that they were reasonably comfortable. So, I went to Saks and you see the results.

    The platforms are remarkably comfortable. Much more so than many shoes I own. And it's nice to get the height.

    I am 5' 1.5" so the big heels make me feel tall, er um at least normal sized.

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  10. Happy birthday! You did excellent and everything looks beyond gorgeous. Let's have a drink to celebrate. :drinkup:

    How about some action pics too?
  11. Totally drooling over the BV Cabat!!! :nuts:
    The Lizzie Horn Necklace is TDF too!!

    Happy B-day EtoupeBirkin!!
  12. we love birthdays!!! CONGRATS on a wonderful shopping indulgence. happy birthday.
  13. Happy Birthday etoupebirkin! :Partyhat:

    I love everything, but the Tea Rame Cabat is absolutely gorgeous! :faint: I have been lusting over that very same bag for the last year, and I am so happy that you got one. Congrats and enjoy everything :smile:
  14. Yay EB!!!! :woohoo: What a fabulous birthday!!!!! :party:

    Hope you had a wonderful birthday!:heart:
  15. happy happy bday!!! adore the cabat. tea is so gorgeous!