etoupe w/gh

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  1. Has anyone ever seen an etoupe with gold hw pls? How does it look? Any pics? Thanks a bunch.
  2. it is unusual but i love it but only with clemence . gives it a warmer appereance
  3. No pics that I can think of right now, but I do agree with lilach on this one!
  4. Does it look as nice in togo or is the etoupe different in the togo and clemence pls?
  5. Here's a photo from the eBay finds thread .. etoupe is pretty with gold!
    etoupe gold.jpg
  6. Thank you so very much! Can't tell you how much the picture helped me decide!
  7. Ebruo, this just occurred to me...since I believe you are ordering your Kelly, can you ask your SA to see the leather sample of another new color, Toundra as well as the Etoupe?
    The reason I say this is that I recently saw a Garden Party in Toundra, and while I initially thought it was Etoupe, when I looked at it more closely next to Etoupe I saw that in fact it's about a half shade darker (when both were in Clemence leather) and it's a good bit warme. In some light it has juuuust a touch of a green undertone as well, but it was definitely not a green color.
    I think Toundra might very well be amazing with gold hardware, while Etoupe is a cooler color and therefore is most often made available with palladium hardware.
    Don't know if this is helpful for you, but just wanted to suggest it because I personally thought that Toundra was a stunning color and might work a smidge better with the gold hw.
    Good luck!
  8. CynthiaNYC, you rock sister! I am so in the store tomorrow to check toundra out. I will report back! You're a superstar x
  9. I love it....I put that eBay pic up a few weeks back in the eBay thread purely because I love etoupe with gold on clemence! I reckon you'll like toundra, too....good suggestion, Cyn!
  10. I guess I have to be different. I only like etoupe with palladium.
  11. Is etoupe in the brown family? Or is it in the gray to black family?
  12. I saw an etoupe chevre Bearn with gold...pretty! Also a swift masai/toile combo with gold....also pretty. Haven't seen clemence with gold but I wouldn't recommend togo with gold as etoupe in togo is cooler.
  13. Here is a pic of mine..35cm clemance w/ gold hardware. I LOVE :heart:this bag...use it all the time.
  14. LuxChic, that's a gorgeous bag! Was it a special order, or were you lucky enough to find it on a shelf/in a store? Just curious since I have yet to see Etoupe with GHW readily available here in the States.

    You know, I think when you really come down to it, there's no "wrong" combination for Hermes! Each bag is so different because of all the possible factors that go into making it, from the size to the choice of leather to the dye to that particular cow's hide (or other animal's). Every Hermes bag I have ever seen has been beautiful in its own way. Well, except maybe the Himalaya. LOL
  15. Thank you Cynthia! Yes, it was a special order.

    I am really loving the gld hardware lately...currently on the look out for an olive lindy with gld hardware:smile: I love all the combinations!! Thinking I should get creative soon! Might be kind of scary...