Etoupe vs Gris Tourterelle

  1. Hello Ladies,

    I apologize if this was already discussed- I tried looking under the colors sub-forum, but was having difficulty answering my own question.
    Can anybody describe the difference between these two colors? Is one of them darker than the other? Or is one of them more brown based? If there were comparison pictures that would be great. Thank you!
  2. Just get something in Etoupe.
    It goes with anything that you have nothing to go with.

  3. i would agree.........etoupe or even graphite. the gris tourterelle is very chalky (grayish white) and flat. It doesnt really work with browns or warmer tones
  4. swonderful, these are the only pics I could find...I went through this same dilemma a few months ago and was fortunate to purchase a (wonderful!!) member's etoupe swift Kelly - the first pic is the etoupe swift, and the second is gris tourtourelle clemence from luv2shophandbags (I think).

    Etoupe does go with is the "cool" version of the warmer gold color (imo). Gris tourtourelle is also very's whatever strikes your fancy the most.

    Allaboutnice owns pieces in both leathers, I believe....I'll go see if I can find them...

    here's a thread but the pics are gone...still looking....


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    the Massai is gris, the piccolo is etoupe
    etoupe swift kelly detail1.jpg gris tortourelle clemence 37 bolide -luv2shop.jpg
  5. [​IMG]

    Sorry, but I had to blow this is really pretty
  6. Here is my etoupe birkin, sorry no comparison pics!
  7. etoupe is really great color
  8. Both are gorgeous colours but I just adore etoupe.
  9. i adore etoupe colour too:love:
  10. I love the etoupe. It does go with everything. I ordered this at podium. I hope it comes by the end of the year.
  11. Thank you all for your quick feedback! Thanks especially for the attached pics. It seems as if Etoupe is the preferred choice!
  12. Sorry, one more question..... does the etoupe show up better in clemence vs togo- or is it really personal preference towards leather?
  13. Etoupe is a great neutral. :smile:
  14. I prefer Etoupe on Clemence. But it's really just a personal preference
  15. The Gris Tourterelle bags come with tone-on-tone stitching and black seal on the edges.
    The etoupe ones - with white contrast topstitch and brown seal.
    I personally prefer the gris t because of these details. It's absolutely perfect with black, browns, greys, blues and ....any color, actually. In fact, it is one of these great "chameleon" neutrals, such as graphite and vert olive - it looks different depending on lighting or next to certain colors.
    I personally like how it looks with browns, it really compliments them but with enough contract. It actually has a slight beige (brown) undertone in certain light. At least its undertone is more brown than the Gris Clair, which is a very light and cool grey.
    I find GT to be more versatile than etoupe... however since etoupe is darker it's probably more practical...