Etoupe shoulder birkin??! good choice?

  1. So far i have a white shoulder birkin, BJ 35 and rouge30.

    Somehow, thats a etoupe shoulder birkin available( which i love this color so much, it actually is my no.1 choice for shoulder birkin before I purchased the white one since it is more durable and chic color)

    Do you think it is a wise choice to sell my white shoulder birkin and get a etoupe instead??
  2. I think so. I saw a woman with an etoupe Birkin at the weekend and it was fantastic!
  3. I love etoupe! :yes:
  4. That's what I'd do, Chloe....but I can't keep anything white clean so my natural instinct would be to go with the Etoupe.
  5. ^ I must concur with the lovely shopmom!
  6. You should do that. Since etoupe and white are both colors that goes with any outfit and etoupe is prob. easier to keep clean than white, I would get rid of the white and keep etoupe.
  7. I echo the above sentiments--Etoupe is a lovely neutral!
  8. Another vote for the etoupe! I was swooning over an etoupe Kelly last week. the colour goes with everything & it's specially nice with white for summer. :smile:
  9. Another vote for etoupe!
  10. Etoupe!! LOVE that color!!
  11. My vote is for etoupe.
  12. I love Etoupe. But did not you say the shoulder Birkin is heavy though?
  13. I just bought a pair of H. etoupe gloves and am in love with the color. I was offered an etoupe Evelyne at the same time and like a complete dope, turned it down. How could I have done that????The gloves have the same H design as the Evelyne! I need to have my cognative functions checked:upsidedown:
  14. I'll also vote for etoupe since I am awaiting a regular Birkin in it...
  15. gracekelly - can u post a picture of your gloves (if possible) because I would love to see the "true" color of Etoupe....I briefly saw it at the boutique....TIA.