ETOUPE??? pictures pretty please????

  1. need to make a decision.....can you post pictures of your bag (or any leathergoods for that matter) in etoupe color??? I still get confused between the shades of etoupe and gris! TIA!
  2. I'll post mine on Tuesday! :graucho:
  3. i do not have a pic but I saw an Etoupe Hac in the madison Ave store and it was Beautiful
  4. ^^ Thank you, Amour! That's excellent. Thanks for providing the link.

    There were 2 Evelynes in Gris Tourterelle at my H store, in the glass showcase, and I instantly thought there were in Etoupe. Gris Tourterelle is lovelier.

    Am I right that Gris Tourterelle only comes in Clemence?
  5. with the pics provided, is it right to assume that "etoupe" is closer to "gold" in color than "gris tortourelle"????????
  6. pazt, I don't know much firsthand about gris tourtourelle (sorry about the spelling!) but etoupe is a "cool" tone sort of a dark taupe. As with many H colors, it looks different based on the lighting. In amour's helpful links above, on my monitor, the etoupe photo looks a little too light brown to me. I will see if I can dredge up another photo.
  7. pazt Hey Mama!!! You better spill!! What kind of decision do you need to make!!!! Don't keep us in the dark!! R we still on for lunch tomorrow?? I'll call u tomorrow for details???
  8. etoup birkins in togo and swift,they look diffrent too
    IMG_2970_xx.jpg IMG_2045.jpg
  9. ^^vermillion, that etoupe swift birkin is just other-worldly. It is so breathtakingly beautiful. It just invites you to keep looking. I :heart: that bag!
  10. OOooh....I love the Etoupe in Togo!
  11. mama pazt: watcha got cooking besides that bun in ur oven!!!??? u better tell us tomorrow at lunch!!!!
  12. Here's my Etoupe Clemence Kelly 32, from my other post. Sorry about the bad lighting/pic quality, but I think the colour comes out fairly realistically.
    H Demo.JPG
  13. thank you ladies! with the pics provided, I certainly have a better picture of how pretty the color is! now, here's another question - would you get a bag in this color if you already have a birkin in gold? is it too close to gold in color? (i'm sounding like shopmom, aren't I? but that's a good thing) I don't want to end up regretting a purchase and be stuck with it! thanks again!