Etoupe or gris tourterelle for fjord Kelly?

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  1. I'm being indecisive again. I've compared pics of these two colors and they appear so close, especially when different leathers are taken into account. I'm not crazy about how etoupe looks in clemence, but when the pics show a lighter etoupe, it's gorgeous.

    So, which would you recommend as an everyday workhorse neutral? I love etoupe, but how would it look in fjord?

    Thanks for all your patience with my questions!
  2. Etoupe!!!
  3. ^^ Thank you! Darn, I'm still debating. *sigh*
  4. to the best of my knowledge neither color comes in fjord.

    fjord: black, marron fonce, vert fonce, raisin, rouge h, rouge vif, black, gold
  5. I don't think either colour comes in Fjord too. :shrugs:
  6. Bummer bummer bummer! OK, back to the drawing board....
  7. Kenzie - etoupe is really pretty and somewhat lighter in togo than in clemence. I'd go for the etoupe in the togo over the gris tourterelle - which although beautiful is more high maintenance and a bit wishy washy.....
  8. After seeing all the etoupe pics here, I'm definitely going for etoupe in togo. Now the tough part starts: finding the darn thing! My SA is already on the hunt. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
  9. I think etoupe will stain less & is a very "all year" color!
  10. Oh kenzie- go check out etoupe in swift! I saw a kelly in etoupe swift and it nearly gave me a heart attack it was so gorgeous! I think you would love it!
  11. Isn't swift supposed to be delicate, though? I worry about the corners. You're right, though -- it's stunning!
  12. No! Swift is fairly durable! There are many members with swift bags here that swear by them and just love them! I for one would absolutely consider getting swift!!!! In fact, I would love a bag in havane swift one day!
  13. Crud, and just when I thought my wishlist was in its final form!
  14. LOL! I am sorry, but I just had to put it out there for you! Etoup swift is one of my most favorite combos!!!!