Etoupe - Need help deciding!


Etoupe - which leather would you choose?

  1. Clemence

  2. Swift

  3. Chevre

  4. Other

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    Please let me know which leather you would prefer for a 30 cm Birkin in Etoupe w/Palladium hardware--Clemence, Swift, Chevre or other (please specify). I'm currently wait listed for Clemence, however the order will not be placed until February and I am wondering if I should have chosen something else. I wear a lot of neutral colors and would be using this piece daily!

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I have been loving etoupe in swift lately. I know it is slouchy but since you are getting a 30 it might not be as bad. But so gorgeous!
  3. I haven't seen it IRL in any leather but clemence but I love it in clemence. The color changes depending on the lighting. It's the ultimate cool neutral.
  4. Argh, I clicked the wrong option! This is what happens when you're posting at the same time you're trying to work. Anyway, I wanted to vote Clemence, mainly because I recently saw a pic of an etoupe bag in clemence and it looked gorgeous!! Good luck, and let us know what you decide!!
  5. Etoupe in Clemence is really beautiful. The color is rich and deep. I have, however, been lucky to see Etoupe in Swift and it is also very beautiful....lighter than in Clemence. I think, either way, you'd have a fabulous daily bag that would go with just about anything in your closet!!!
  6. I think it really depends on how slouchy you like your bag eventually to be: clemence and swift will eventually be slouchy/batwingy, whereas chevre and 'other' might hold the shape better.
    I think for a 30 Birkin, personally I would go for chevre.
  7. I love etoupe in both clemence and swift :heart: I'd go with clemence, because I love textured leathers.
  8. I love swift.
  9. I love Etoupe in Clemence! :heart:
  10. I voted clemence because it is so rich in clemence....lots of rich reflections. It is also lovely in swift - lighter toned but still absolutely beautiful. It's a little flater in chevre mysore - more monotonal. Haven't seen it in Chevre CDC but pix of it have been beautiful!

    Still, my vote goes for clemence!
  11. I voted clemence because I have a Lindy in etoupe clemence, and the color looks different depending on the light. There is so much depth and life to it!
  12. I love etoupe in chevre and swift. All my small accessories are etoupe chevre, and I intend to get a Lindy in etouipe swift SOON!
  13. Actually, I love clemence, too. It depends how slouchy you want it, as hello said.
  14. Chevre or Togo
  15. Thank you everyone--this is a tremendous help! I've been driving the fiancé absolutely mad! I think the debate is between Clemence and Chevre now. I love Clemence, but am worried about how it will wear. I love slouch, but not too much slouch, if that makes sense!

    Grands Fonds, would you happen to have any photos of your Etoupe accessories?