Etoupe leathers

  1. I know Etoupe comes in togo and clemence and I recently saw an agenda in swift. Has anyone seen/have this color in any other leather? Opinions or additional info? I'm wondering if this color will be offered in chevre or fjord sometime soon. Thanks!
  2. You have to understand and know how to use the color. Personally I have difficulty with it for me. My clothes are so conservative that I need to pop them up with my bag (in color) or shoe. I had a taupe bag long ago, and I never wore it. I would give it a good long think and look in the closet to know if it will really work for you and your coloring.
  3. Hmmmmm....just saw etoupe in Togo on a 31cm Bolide and to tell the truth, I didn't much care for it. Too....muddy in Togo. I think if it were in Box or Swift or Chamonix it might not be so grey-ish.
  4. I like it in wallets as it won't show the 'grime'!! Go and check out the p.croc etoupe in the colour is TO DIE FOR!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would take a bag in this leather in etoupe any day!!!!!!!
  5. SpecialistParis posted a few days ago it is now available in chevre.
  6. I saw a picture of a friend's etoupe Kelly in veau swift. It is magnificent in that leather!
  7. It's not for me, so far, unless it really "pops" in chevre. I prefer the chocolate browns or gold. :smile:
  8. Mmmhh...I saw this color in clemence and swift in a wallet and loved it...I guess I'm a taupe type person...just wasn't sure of the leather choices as I don't see this color that often. Glad to hear it's in chevre - I'll look for that post - Tx!
  9. I am really interested in etoupe color as well. hmm..I really really really need to see etoupe and gris tourtelle IRL. and I wonder how they look on chevre. thx everyone for the info! :flowers:
  10. When I first saw etoupe in clemence, I thought that it was a very good neutral. However, after I've seen gris tourtourelle in togo, I prefer gris tourtourelle as the color is not as harsh/strong as etoupe.