etoupe HW dilemma - thoughts/advice wanted!

  1. Hi all,

    Let me start by saying I've spent a few days searching all 34 of the etoupe-related threads, as well as 'hardware dilemma' threads. And I still need guidance! I am hoping to purchase an etoupe picotin GM in the next couple of weeks (this will be a super casual everyday bag...I am 5'11). I have spent some time with the SA working through leathers for my first Birkin order from the store. (Also etoupe - multiple purchases in same colour/leather is a whole other thread!)

    The store only had an etoupe lindy in SWIFT, which happened to have GH, which looked great. But I want clemence. I have seen LuxChic's stunning photo of her 35 etoupe GH bag; everything else seems to be PH. I like the look from the photos, but it is a different look - cooler, almost lighter?

    * * * Does anyone have more recent or other photos they could share of clemence/GH etoupe? LuxChic, do you have any other photos/actions shots etc. that you could share?

    Here is my particular dilemma: I consider myself a "gold" person, and I already have 2 vintage Birkins (barenia 35, vache naturelle HAC 32) and 1 Kelly (rouge H 35) with GH. However, I just received a large/heavy chaine d'ancre SILVER necklace for my anniversary - and I absolutely live in it. I wear it all the time, and I love how it looks against my skin. When I've been wearing it, I have tried to "match" with other silver (or at least, avoid gold HW) - leading me to believe that I am one of those people who likes to match HW and jewellery.

    Part of me thinks I should branch out and try palladium, which will go really well with my necklace - but then, from LuxChic's photo (and even the swift lindy at the store), I do love the darker, warmer tone etoupe seems to take with gold.

  2. ^^^ this is LuxChic's beautiful 35 with GH:
  3. Piaffe - if you love gold hardware on etoupe then you should wait for it.

    I don't have a problem mixing the metal colours it's not like you wear your bag up near your necklace KWIM :yes:

    Maybe you have a 2 tone watch white gold/yellow gold that could help you tie it altogether?
  4. I don't know much about picotins. From the photos, don't they all come with silver hardware? There's very little hardware on picotins nevertheless.

    As for your birkin order. I have an etoupe togo birkin with PH, and I absolutely love it. Personally, I think etoupe looks great with PH. PH really makes the etoupe color fresh and elegant. imho, PH looks a bit younger. Have you seen an etoupe bag with PH irl? I'm sure you'd love it.

    From your post, since you have gone all GH so far, why not venture out into PH just for a change, plus it would really go well with your necklace. This way, you'd have a diversified collection of color and hardware in your handbag collection.

    I'm like you, rather conscious of matching jewelry tone with handbag hardware despite what others tell me.
  5. Doh- I've just realized you're looking a Picotin and not a Birkin (still recovering from New Year's).

    In this case - I wouldn't worry about the hardware it's really incidental.:yes: