Etoupe Evelyne and other goodies...

  1. After contemplating buying the Etoupe Evelyne since Thursday, I went back to the store today. When I stepped into the store I saw this very elegant lady wearing a beautiful Hermès silk blouse and a white Evelyne. My doubts about buying the bag vanished in an instant. The SA greeted me by name although I didn't buy from her before(:shame:smile: and was very nice and helpful.
    So here's my Evelyne surrounded by some other goodies I bought in the last couple of weeks (Kelly Bracelet, Looping Bracelet, Ulysees in Blue Jean, Kelly en Caleche in the Black/White/Grey CW with red seams). Thanks to all the lovely H-gals who helped me with my decision on the Evelyne.:flowers:
    P.S.: My dog insisted I post a picture of him trying on the "Kelly en Caleche".
    Hermès 003.jpg Hermès 004.jpg Hermès 007.jpg
  2. [​IMG]

    What lovely goodies and gorgeous Evelyne, I love etoupe.
  3. Oh, I almost forgot:that black indistinguishable thing in the upper right corner is an H cashmere/silk scarf with a interwoven H pattern. It comes in lots of different colours and can be worn as a stole.
  4. I wasn't such a fan of the evelyn before but your pic is giving me funny thoughts. I have such a lot of funny thoughts lately. :graucho: I'm glad you got it, the colour is gorgeous, and I love the scarf and the doggie!
  5. DeeLove82, i love your etoupe evelyne, the colour is soo gorgeous.:drool:
    Ilove the red trim on your scarf aswell, i ave been seriously looking at that one
    And doesnt your dog look gorgeous in his scarf, tooo right he cant be left out of the show!! hes cute:heart:
  6. LOVE the scarf! white background with red trim is so stunning! such cute doggie you have!
    and the etoupe evelyne! isn't she heavenly!? :heart:
  7. Wow... what a haul... congrats on some really great choices. Love the Evelyne...

    I always knew that dogs were into Hermes as much as humans were...
  8. :drool:
  9. Lovely collection!
  10. Your Evelyn ITF :love: it:smile: The color is soooooo pretty.... Your new scarf compliments the bag :smile:. :heart:all your other goodies too. Your dog steals the show !!!

  11. Love the evelyne!! I love that bag and etoupe is a fantastic color!
  12. Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous!!! Congratulations!!
  13. You Did So Well! The Etoupe Evelyne Is Magnificent! The Kelly en Caleche Is So Beautiful!!!:heart:
  14. Dear Ms. Dee:

    CONGRAT!!! I'm a color person but that scarf 'SINGS' to me!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You sure have been 'busy'!!!
  15. congrats. i love the scarf. and your dog is sooooo cute, and he looks very chic in H