Etoupe Dirt

  1. After being in the boutique recently and actually seeing this color next to my face and reading how some here feel that for a brunette it is a better neutral than Gold - I am considering a bag in this color. I conferred with SA which claims that it isn't one to get "transfer" from dark denim.

    My hair is very dark brown and my skin is very fair (read washed out pale). Dark eyes.

    I'd love to hear what experiences you all have had with Etoupe. Is it a dirt magnet? I am considering an Evelyne in this color and the canvas strap in particular has me a bit cautious. Anyone with Etoupe canvas bags or toile with problems?

    Does the white stitching tend to get dingy? Thank you for any advice you may have to give, towards encouraging me or discouraging me. I am thinking of this bag for an upcoming vacation where hiking and kiddie activities will be paramount in our schedules. I'll be one mom of 3 with 2 kids each so hands free is an absolute need. I can't bear to undergo the stress of 6 kids under the age of 4 without some kind of Hermes bag within reach of obsessive rubbing!:wtf:

    By the way, I always thought of Etoupe as the color of mud and own only black bags so this is quite a departure for me.
  2. Hey gazoo...

    I don't own Etoupe ....yet...

    but I can tell you that I don't think the canvas straps get dirty very easily. I have my Chartreuse Evelyne and my VN Vespa, both with canvas straps and even with a little stain, since the straps are cotton, they can be cleaned quite easily with some woolite or gentle detergent.

    I have quite a few bags with the white stitching and I don't find it gets dirty easily. The threads are coated so they resist staining. You will not be holding the bag with your hands so, the stitches will not come into contact with alot of grease oils etc...

    Did you see the pic of the Etoupe Evelyne I posted awhile back on S mom's Etoupe contimplatin thread?
  3. I am hard on my everyday bags but my clemence etoupe evelyne is as perfect as it was the day I brought it home - no transfer of any kind from any clothes - no problem when caught in the rain visible dirt - just checked with glasses on. It goes to the gym and the barn - the strap is fine and still clean - I think you will like it for travel - I got mine because I wanted something I wouldn't have to think about. The white stitching does not look dingy - it's about six months old and has already been through the ringer - the corners are still perfect and the bottom looks brand new. Somehow the color goes with almost everything. Hope that helps. Toile is ok too - I have one that I use in summer and bang around with and the toile still looks great - but the clemence is much nicer to have around because of the leather. Hope this helps.
  4. with your coloring gazoo etoupe or rouge h would be gorgeous.
    i have a mental block against white stitching, but i suspect that is a problem of the mind, not the thread. don't let it stop you. a friend has been making me pay more attention to etoupe and i think it's a very sophisticated color.
  5. It's a dynamic, versatile and sophisticated color. No regrets!!!!
  6. Your coloring sounds identical to mine....etoupe will look fabulous!

    Can't comment on the canvas strap though....
  7. I think it makes a huge difference depending on the style of the bag which determines how much handling gets involved.

    And the leather too.

    I have etoupe in swift, in a Lindy. After just 1-2 months of usuage, I could see dirt trapped in the folds of the swift leather. That said, it was very quickly removed when I sent it to the craftsman at my store. So far, the white stitching on my Lindy stills looks white. If you don't deliberately run your fingers over the stitching all the time, it should be OK.

    I think etoupe togo and etoupe chevre would be more resistant to dirt.
  8. Quinn's Mom: this photo right?

    There are so many yummy etoupe photos in that thread! Thank you!
  9. Okay now what would be more "elegant"? A Rouge H or Etoupe Evelyne?
  10. ooooh those are the two colors I'd try to decide between. Love both! On my next Evelyne I think I'd pick a dark color. I never had any problems at all with my BJ strap getting dirty but I always worried about it, especially when walking and drinking a coffee or something.
  11. ^^ Ding ding ding, that is my fear. Drinking something as I walk and spilling coffee or something else staining. Hhmmm.
  12. I was thinking of asking Hermes if you could scotchguard the canvas strap or something? :shrugs: But I never did ask...
  13. If something irreversible did happen to the strap (eg, massive red wine stain, furkid chewed up to shreds - bless), is it possible to purchase a new one as replacement? Just wondering if Hermes sells straps by themselves or whether one can be ordered for just such occasions.
  14. Yes, it's possible. :tup:
  15. I keep seeing this color (or other people) (etoupe) and love it. As for the contrast stitching, I've got a gold bag...that is several years problems.