etoupe/black lindy, which leather, clemence or swift?

  1. was offered two lindies both in clemence. but i never saw a swift lindy so kinda hesitated now. which leather looks better w/ etoupe or black color? Thx!
  2. My heart goes to the etoupe. I saw one recently at my local store in either togo or clemence. It's tdf. Great all season color.
  3. I don't have a lindy, but I think etoupe in swift is fantastic. Lindy is a relatively casual bag, so a little colour would look lovely. I would definitely take a lindy in etoupe and perhaps leave the black for something more dressy such as a kelly.

    Good luck with your choice. You really can't go wrong Ling.
  4. I think etoupe would look great in either texture on a Lindy. I was playing with a few clemences in Houston and I loved the squishiness or deconstructed-ness in the textured leather. I am thinking about one for summer myself, I keep going back and forth between white and orange. Anyway, if you went for the black Lindy, I think the texture would be the best. Was it black with white stitching? That would also be a really cool bag for spring.
  5. I'd have to agree with licencetocook. A Lindy looks great in colour as it's a casual bag. Whether it looks better in textured or smooth leather depends on your personal preference. Some people like smooth leathers, some prefer textured. I'd say both look great.
  6. OOOOh boy!!! You're getting my dream bag, congrats!!!!!
    I want a raisin one, so I tend to go for a 'color', just as other people are suggesting you do. A black lindy would look totally fab, but I am guessing that you probably have other bags in black? Hummingbird has a parchemin Lindy, so it's something lighter, and it looks outstanding. I would probably get the etoupe as well! And I want mine in clemence so I'm rather partial.
  7. I just saw a Parchemin Lindy in Clemence at my store. Beautiful!!!
  8. Candace: Ohhhh, I want a raisin Lindy as well--maybe one day we will be Lindy twins :yes:!! I had a Rose Dragee in Swift and loved her but the colors was just a little to delicate for me. I need that rich raisin in clemence!!

    My vote.....probably black w/gh in clemence......ohhh melts my heart just to think of her!
  9. i have a birkin in etoupe swift, but i hadn't used it yet. i think it is a great colour and the leather is soft ans beautiful.
    i have gold birkin in clemence which is less delicate because of the grain.
    i' d definitely go for lindy etoupe, either in swift or clemence. maybe clemence if you think you will use it every day.
  10. MrsSparkles has a Lindy in etoupe swift and I believe she gets a lot of use out of it.
  11. i love lindys in swift as the soft swift just goes wonderfully with the clamlike shape of the lindy and enhances it.
  12. ^^ well put, lilach!! and in etoupe!
  13. i have the lindy in cafe clemence and love it. i use the lindy every day and i think because of the dark color and grained leather i am totally relaxed. although i am certainly careful i don't baby her at all.
    i don't think you can go wrong either way.
  14. I love clemence leather, black and etoupe. You can't go wrong. But, I prefer etoupe in swift and black in clemence. So, my vote goes for black :tup:
  15. I love Clemence in Etoupe!x
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