Etoupe Birkin... your opinions and share your pics plse?

  1. What do you think of a birkin in Etoupe... classy? dull?..

    anyone has pictures to share?

  2. archangel,

    Here is an etoupe birkin that I have copied from a reseller site. Initially, I wasn't too hot on the color, but I actually think the color is very nice!

  3. I LOVE IT!!! Ordered one in the July podium...35cm birkin etoupe with white stiching and gold hardware. Its an understated, elegant neutral. I compare it to a classic gold. Becuase of the investment I stay somewhat "safe" with my orders....just to be SURE I wear it often.
    Really depends on your taste and what you are looking for...

    I have been safe for a while I think my next might be a Vert Anis with Gold hardware:smile:
  4. thanks... it looks very classy...esp with the white stitching
  5. It has too many gray or "putty" undertones for my coloring and makes me looked washed out but it's a great alternative to gold. More of a cool shade. It's best with white stitching!
  6. I love it, especially with gold hw. :yes: Very understated but beautiful.
  7. I have an opinion on this one, even if it is far from my favorite color. Unless you just "love" understated, classy taupes above all else, I doubt it's a color that you'd immediately gravitate toward.

    This was a color that I'd ruled out entirely and thought would surely wash me out as most cool taupes do.

    BUT, when I finally tried it on and purchased it, I was surprised by how much I like it and how different it looks from pics. The picture above (and any other pic I've seen of it) makes it look both lighter and greyer than it appears IRL (I wouldn't have bought it based on that picture). I'm not sure about all other leathers, but in Clemence it's darker and has much more of a brown undertone. It's actually a very elegant, rich looking BROWN tone - not a grey. It looks very cool and classy and is an excellent neutral.

    This is coming from someone who didn't think I'd like it either, so keep that in mind. And I don't think anyone's going to jump up and down about it, but it's a really nice addition to a neutral collection and not one to automatically dismiss if you're going for classic elegance. I hate to be a cheerleader for this color, since it's not for everyone and it's still far from being my favorite, but since you asked I figured I'd share my experience - definitely more classy than dull IRL.
  8. The color looks chic wearing all black...very understated.
  9. style101 I think you gave a wonderful viewpoint/review on etoupe.

    I do feel it is one of those colors you should see in person especially on the leather you fancy. I don't think you should purchase just from a picture because I don't feel it shows the beauty of the color.
  10. I think it's a great color. I would never have thought, but saw a photo in the celeb section (I think) and it looked terrific.
  11. Well - I'm going to add my 2 cents too! I saw this in a clemence Evelyn and fell in love. It kinda picks up the tone that you're wearing. If you're wearing black, it'll look more grey undertoned, but if you wear brown it appears warmer.

    I ordered it in togo at the July podium, but my order went through as clemence (which is beautiful but I'm not 100% sure it's my leather of choice on a Birkin). I haven't seen it IRL in other leathers.

    I think it's a "different", almost funky alternative to the other neutrals.
  12. Thanks for all your helpful comments. Will see IRL before deciding.. but looks like a classy winner to me
  13. Has anyone seen it in chevre? How does it compare to togo or clemence? Tx!
  14. I also love this color.:love:
  15. I'm dying to see it in chevre but it is new in that skin this year - haven't seen it yet.