Etoupe 30 or Blue saint cyr 30

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  1. My SA called me and have these 2 for me to choose. Etoupe is togo and Blue saint cyr is clemence. Both are size 30. Which one would you choose for your first Birkin?
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  2. Assuming you like both colors
    Assuming both colors work on you
    Etoupe darling
  3. Love etoupe! It's a great neutral color. :smile:
  4. I would personally go for the Etoupe. :smile:
  5. Lol you're right! I love both but can only have one for now.
  6. If you love both, better get the blue Saint cyr before it become discontinued. U can always get etoupe later...
  7. Etoupe! It's such a classic color and can go with a lot more colors than blue saint cyr.
  8. I adore my Etoupe another vote for ETOUPE!!
  9. +1. Between these two etoupe since it will go with more colors
  10. Etoupe between the two. :smile:
  11. etoupe
    I adore blues but they are harder to match
    etoupe goes with everything!
  12. please tell me you are choosing etoupe *crossing fingers*...
  13. Of the two... Etoupe I believe will be most versatile which is best for first birkin. Can't wait to see your reveal! Hurry! Go snap it up!
  14. For me, etoupe all the way because I have been hunting for this exact combo (togo/30) for 3 years.
    But there are people who find neutral colors extremely boring. If you are one of them go for the blue.
    I have a kelly wallet in this color and its real eye catcher.
  15. Etoupe togo