Etoile Shopper/Tivoli GM/Mono Galliera PM

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  1. Hello,

    I have been thinking of these purses the past two days, I can't even fall asleep because of that: purses are my loves but drive me crazy at the same time :P

    I just bought the Tivoli GM before christmas and have been only using it twice since then, and I saw a lady carrying an oxidized Etoile Shpper during my vacation with my husband...and it was stunning!! I kept staring at the purse and I told my husband "I want that purse!!"

    I honestly wasn't impressed by the Etoile Shopper pic posted on the LV officical website, but the purse in person is real stunning!!

    I was planning to sell my Tivoli GM to get the Mono Galliera PM i don't know what to do :sad:

    So...I can only pick one:

    Etoile Shopper (maybe funded by my husband)??
    Tivoli GM (cute shape, should I keep it)??
    Mono Galliera PM (practical, can be worn comfortably)??

    **Maybe if you own the Etoile Shopper, would you mind to give me more excellent points of the Shoper to convince me to get it right away??** :graucho:

    Thank you for your time!!
  2. I say go with what you LVoe as you will not be happy any other way ...Good luck deciding
  3. I think that the Tivoli GM is a very pretty monogram bag (its actually on my wishlist). For what the Etoile Shopper cost, you can have the Tivoli, Galliera PM, AND some SLG's. Have you considered that?
  4. I love the style etoile shopper tooo , i have too agree with crystalrnc .cost too much....
  5. Etoile!!
  6. Etoile :balloon:
  7. I adore my Tivoli GM so I am a bit biased. Although the strap on the Galliera is definitely more comfortable. Have you tried the Etoile Shopper in-store yet? Just because it looks good in person on someone else does not always mean it will work for you. Try out the Etoile and Galliera (if you live close to an LV) and you'll get a better idea of what looks better on you and more suitable for wants and needs.
  8. The Etoile Shopper is gorgeous, I looked at it several times but just couldn't get past the price. If $$ were no object, I'd definitely get it. If you are between the Tivoli GM and Galliera, I'd keep the Tivoli.
  9. It's best you went into the Louis Vuitton Store to try those bags out on yourself because all our body types and needs are so different.

    I love the Tivoli and went with the Galleria because the wide single strap is very comfortable for everyday use. Comfort is key for me.
  10. :heart: Etoile Shopper but it's too much for a Monogram bag IMO. Go with the Galliera, it's super comfortable and gorgeous!
  11. I absoutely agree with crystalrnc.
  12. Tivoli GM
  13. i think the etoile shopper is truely fabulous .
    plus u do not see her often .
    let us know what u decide :smile:
  14. Galliera - I am not a huge fan of the tivoli and it does not seem you really love it either. I think the etoile is to expensive so I would not get it. Good luck!
  15. I would keep the Tivoli GM (I love mine so I'm biased). I think the Etoile Shopper is very pretty but when I tried it on it was soooooooo heavy and this is without anything in it.

    You should, however, get what you want / what works for you :smile: