etiquitte question

  1. so last night i went in to lv and chatted with the SAs for about an hour. we talked about the upcoming bags, all sorts of stuff.... after a while one of the SAs said she had a gift for me and told me to walk around a bit and come back. I did and she handed me a lovely LV box wrapped with the leather ribbon and told me not to open it til i got home. There was a girl there chatting with another SA who I guess was just his personal friend and she about fell over when she saw I was getting a gift.

    Anyway OF COURSE i couldn't wait til i got home and opened it on the bus. It was the Tour Eiffel Flip Book. So cute. And so perfect I'm afraid to even flip it. LOL. I couldn't believe she gave it to me- I didn't even buy anything! But the few times I've been in there she and I have talked and she knows I am a huge LV fan.

    Anyway, my question- should i send her a thank you note? call? I am going in this week- she's doing me a little favor. Should I wait til then to thank her? I just want to know the proper way to handle this.

    I did give her something when I was there too. I was showing her my agenda and someone had given me a starbucks gc for the holidays and i don't drink coffee so i never go there so i gave it to her. so really, nothing special.

  2. Def. send a thank you note! Congrats!
  3. I'd send a short sweet handwritten note:yes:
  4. A note definitely!! I would also send some flowers.
  5. Definetly send a note!
  6. ^^^^ITA, Please send her a lovely note.
  7. That's a really nice SA, you should definately send that note!
  8. a thank you note would be great!
  9. thanks everyone! getting a note out in the mail today!
  10. Yes, please send a thank you note.
  11. How great for you!! I always send a letter to the store manager whenever I get great service and I know the SAs always appreciate it. But I would definitely drop her a thank you note and maybe a general letter to the manager saying was a great SA she is for you - but you don't have to mention the gift.
  12. aww what a great SA!! definitely send her a little note before you go in again
  13. send her a note, or if you too are really good friends take her out for coffee!
  14. Thank you note, for sure - who knows what will be waiting for you next year! Especially in this age of email - it is so nice and thoughtful to send a formal thank you note!!!
  15. ITA- handwritten thank you notes are so much more personal and appreciated than an email. :smile: