etiquettes while shopping!

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  1. hey all!
    I need to know what are the etiquettes one must observe while shopping? ;)
  2. in addition to general etiquette (being courteous and polite to SAs and other shoppers) i think some things make for a more pleasurable experience for all:

    -leave the dressing room tidy when you are finished trying things on (if you haven't hung them on the "go backs" rack, items should be on hangers or folded neatly)
    -try not to topple over stacks of clothing when looking for your size
    -minimize the number of trips the SA has to make to the back room to get your size
    -be loyal to the SA. if another SA approaches you and helps you, it doesn't hurt to mention that another SA has already helped you. it minimizes any confusion that can occur later on when they are figuring out who the sale belongs to.
    -no loud cell phone conversations- this is a general etiquette point, but once there was a woman shouting during her speakerphone (!) cell phone conversation. everyone was staring at her but she was oblivious. she proceeded to pick up a pair of shoes and ask her friend if they had ever heard of it, is it a prestigious brand, spelling out the name loudly, etc. :nono:
  3. - if someone is thumbing through clothes on a rack, don't start pushing clothes from your end of the rack towards their side just because you want to look too.
    - if someone is trying to pass you in a narrow aisle, let them through instead of standing in their way
    - be conscious of your voice volume. you don't need to scream across the store to get your friend's attention nor do you need to talk so loud on the phone that everyone in the store can here
    - if your child starts to meltdown, do something about it instead of ignoring it or dragging your kid around as you continue to shop
  4. Not throwing clothing on the floors, throwing clothing over curtain racks (gunk gets on the clothes, general politeness and not chatting on your cell phone are pretty much the basics.

    This rarely happens, but some people freak out when SAs keep their eyes on them. It's nothing personal... It's our job to watch the merchandise no matter who is helping them!
  5. i work as a SA and your etiquette rules are spot on!
    wish i could print them and post them in the entrance to the store!
  6. This isn't so much a rule as much as a perfect example of what kind of customer NOT to be:

    I helped a woman the other day. She was going between two sizes in this specific pant, but the fabric stretches. I nicely told her that one way around our return policy (because we do not accept used pants if you are dissatisfied) is to sit in them at home to see if they stretch a bit (they do) and to keep the tags on just in case she needs to exchange for the bigger size.

    I ring her out and I tell EVERY customer verbally that our return policy "allows for exchange or store credit." This policy is posted both under the glass at the cash wrap AND on a upright frame in front of the register where one sees their total. It is also stated on the credit card receipt right under where she signed that she agreed to our return policy. She left happy.

    Two weeks later she calls if she can bring them back a few days past the return policy window. I told her that as a courtesy we would be happy to let her exchange the item or issue her store credit for her. She goes PSYCHO that I'm dishonest and no one told her the return policy... that there were no signs by the register...

    The kicker? She claims that no other store has this kind of policy (Um, how about every other designer boutique?) and that I lead her to think that store credit means that she could get the full amount back on her credit card (she split tender, so NO!).

    It's one thing if you can't afford to keep the item. It's also another thing if you are pleasant and polite and just state that you really regret the purchase. We can sometimes bend the rules corporate sets, if we can justify that it's a good customer, etc. But off the bat, going psycho... screaming over the phone, lying, acting like it's MY fault that you're too stupid to understand the terms you've verbally agreed to and signatured... all because you can't accept responsibility for yourself that you spent money you don't have, it's so rude and unacceptable. She threatened to not come back and given her language/tone and entitlement, even if she tried I would refuse to sell anything to her! It's not worth it and I have plenty of clients!
  7. RBI....I used to think that too and roll my eyes when I hear screaming/crying babies/young toddlers, but now that I'm a mom, I sort of empathize with moms with a 2 year old having a meltdown in the middle of the store. There are definitely times you can remove the child from the store or even take him/her to a corner and try to calm them down, but there are times where you really just have to ignore them, not because you're busy shopping but because they're just doing that to push your buttons--trust me, a 15 month old is smarter than they get credit for;) You're better off just pick a slower day to shop if you really have to take an unpredictable child out with you.

  8. It irks the heck out of me when I'm looking at shoes in like Nordstron Rack or TJMaxx and there is always someone... (seems like as soon as I start browsing in the shoe isles, here she comes!) who thinks it's perfectly acceptable to squeeze a shopping cart down the tightly spaced isles!
  9. Never scream out loud "omg this is sooo expensive"!
  10. A pet hate of mine - don't answer a call/be on the phone at the register. It's insanely rude. If you do have to answer a call, excuse yourself to the SA before you do, and if you know the call's going to take a while, don't stand at the register having your conversation whilst people queue for miles behind you, have the courtesy to move out of the way, take your call and then re-queue.

    On the kids throwing tantrums point... this has opened up a can of worms for me. I'm not a mum - and maybe I'd see this differently if I was - but it irks me to no end when parents watch their kids run amok pulling items off shelves/generally misbehaving and don't bother doing anything about it, just continue their shopping. As a kid, if I'd pulled the same thing, I'd get a smack on the hand and sent to the car for my troubles! Not only does it make for an unpleasant shopping experience, it can be hazardous to other customers if little Johnny leaves a pile of things on the floor and someone trips on them before a SA can fix it up. I'm not saying that the kid needs to be shot down in a pillar of flames for putting even the littlest toe out of line, but some discipline would be fantastic when your kid's going around kicking displays and damaging products.

    Ah... I feel better now, getting that rant over with. :biggrin:
  11. Regarding moms and their kids, I think it's just as rude to stare at, make snarky comments to the mom or to talk loudly about her and her child to someone else, with the intent of her hearing what you think.

    Almost all of us mothers who bring our kids shopping do everything we can to keep them happy and calm wjile we quickly go about our business, so it's upsetting to have an experience with someone being unsympathetic and in fact even be judgemental when you really are trying to wrap up your business and get out of the store. I actually haven't seen anyone let their kids run around making messes. The worst I've exerienced is other people's kids whining or crying, and those moms do hold their kids and leave and soon as they can.
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    If you drop it/knock it over...pick it up! Don't step on it/over it/kick it aside.
  13. i work in retail and i hate it when customers come right up to my face to ask me a question. like literally within a foot of my face, i can't stand it
    please stay out of my bubble
  14. Yes!! Who does this!!?? Who ever they are they annoy me too. :P

  15. Hahaha this is a great piece of advice sneezz. And not just about good etiquette... more about having some grace. ;)