Etiquettes of Street Parking ?

  1. We live in a quiet neighborhood with not much street parking. However, our neighbors to our right do not park their cars in their garage. They have 3 cars, and from time to time, they park one of them in front of ours. Usually it's not a problem but in the summer time, since they don't have a tree in front of their house, they leave the car parked in front of our house under the shade. We sometimes park our cars in front as we have a long drive way - quick and easy getaways. Also, sometimes they leave their car parked in front of our house on street cleaning day, leaving our curbs uncleaned.

    What should we do? My husband left a note on the car this morning requesting them to move it on street cleaning day, do you think they will get the hint?

    BTW, when they were renovating their house, they left the garbage truck (14-foot) parked in front of our house for 2 months without saying a single word to us. It made backing out of our driveway dangerous as we couldn't see street traffic, and left tons of trash on the curb as it was not cleaned for 2 months. We should have said something back then ...

    Anyway, what are the etiquettes of parking in front of your neighbors' houses when you have plenty of parking space (although not the most convenient or shaded) of your own?
  2. Unfortunately there's nothing you can do about them not parking in their driveway/garage. The only time you can do something is if they park/block your driveway. Here in San Francisco, I had to contact the Department of Parking & Traffic, DPT, to come and paint my curb red.

    I have a garage, but can't use it because I live on a one way street that goes uphill (there is a cement divider which gets in the way of pulling in and out of the garage). Most of the time I can park in my driveway. Most of the time. But there are a few people on my block, who have complete access to their garage, we're talking 2-3 car garages as opposed to my 1 space, who still park right behind my red zone.

    It sucks. I hope everything works out for you.
  3. I'd call the city you and live in a see what you can do about it.
  4. Good luck with this situation...sooo frustrating!! :sad:
  5. I have the same problem. There is just enough space for two vehicles to park in front of my home, but our neighbors park smack in the middle! I have left notes as well, but they continually park there. I have contacted the City, but unfortunately there is no violation being committed. :cursing:
  6. ^It's the opposite w/me. There is one space between my garage and my MIL's garage, but these people seem to think it's two spaces! So they park right up to the tip of my red zone. No other car can fit behind them and I can't fit in my driveway!. It sucks.
  7. ^argh!! How frustrating!
  8. This is a problem in a lot of places. We are 3 blocks from the beach on a quiet street full of historical homes. The streets are narrow cause the place was developed in 1898. The biggest problem is that renters who live blocks away park on our street for days sometimes weeks cause they know the area is safer than their area. Now, in our area there are 2 city people in carts who follow the street sweeper and give tickets, but the trolls who dump their cars just come over about 30 minutes early and move their car to the other side of the street. They very often block the red zones, and leave their junkers parked out there for weeks. It is very annoying. Problem is, a city street is for everyone, so unless they are blocking a driveway or a red zone they can park there until the cows come home.
  9. ^In San Francisco, cars have a time limit as to how long they can be in a space w/o moving. I think it's 72 hrs. I've had cars ticketed for that.
  10. :wtf: The Dumpster parked on your side, so as not to inconvenience them...well that is just really too much!!! I know the street is public domain but I think it is common courtesy to leave your neighbord the free space in front of their house if you can. Again the dumpster is just another thing altogether.
  11. I understand legally there is nothing we can do - we don't own the street. I am just wondering what the etiquettes are, granted some people are just selfish and inconsiderate.
  12. Yeah the dumpster not only was an eye sore - our friends almost missed our house coz they couldn't see it, it was just plain old rude to leave it in front of our house so their workers could park in front of theirs. Don't get me started ...

    That's what I thought/was hoping to confirm that it's common courtesy to use your own space first, is it not?
  13. Well the way their car has been parked in front of our house since yesterday is just like that ... it has to be right in the middle so I can't even squeeze my car in either in front or behind it to take advantage of the shade ... and it's been really really hot here this week.
  14. ^Does your city/town have a DPT?
  15. this happens to my parents all the time! My neighbors have 3 big SUV's that they insist on parking in front of my house. Everytime my dad goes out, i swear they immediately move one of their cars in front of our house like they're watching our every move.

    This is what I would do... I would park my car in front of thier house and then wash it or vacuum it. Make sure you do it early in the morning and make as much noise as possible. If you have kids, make them help you b/c they'll make a lot of noise. If your neighbors say anything, just say you wanted to do it in front of your own house because you didnt want to get your driveway wet, but since they parked there, you had no choice.