Dec 1, 2005
my boyfriend's mom gave me these earrings for christmas that are cute but not very practical. it looks really dressy and as a college student i never go to any banquets or fancy events. i don't think i'll be using them anytime soon and while they are cute, they're not really my style. i don't want to seem rude by exchanging a gift she personally picked out for me but i also feel bad for just letting them sit there and collect dust. so should i return them to nordys, not wear them at all, or wear them when i know i'll be seeing her?

i'm so torn. :wacko:
Jan 10, 2006
How often do you see your bf's mom? I think if you write her a nice thank you note, I don't see why it'd be so terrible to make an exchange. It'd be rude to make an exchange/return on something that was a family heirloom or something... But I'd think it's ok with the earrings. But I'm NEVER offended when people return or exchange my gifts.


Jan 17, 2006
Wear them once in her presence then return them. I always have this dilemma with my mother in-law. I figure at least she sees me wearing them once, she would know I like them. Really, I don't think she would mind if you returned them anyway.