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  1. I recently purchased something on Ebay and sent a payment immediately when the auction ended. That was about 5 days ago, and I've already received the item. However, the seller still has not left me any feedback. I always want to get the feedback to increase my rating on Ebay. Is it ok to send the seller a message asking for them to leave me feedback?

  2. I would send the seller a note telling them your received the item and how happy you are with it, thank them and end it by saying I appreciate you leaving feedback. Something like this.
  3. When I sell things, I wait for the buyer to leave fb first.
  4. Have you already left feedback for the seller? Many sellers will wait until they have received feedback from the buyer before leaving feedback.

    I always send the seller a note telling him/her that I have just left feedback and asking he/she to do the same :smile:
  5. Exactly!
    When I sell items, I wait until I know the buyer is satisfied before I leave feedback.
  6. Just leave feedback yourself for her and you could email her to say how much you like the item but do not ask her about leaving feedback for you. This can annoy sellers, if she wants to leave feedback she will.
  7. I would just go ahead and leave feedback for her and wait a while. Because sellers frequently have a whole mess of feedback to leave, sometimes they will just do it every couple of weeks or so.

    Some power sellers even have programs set up to do it automatically, precisely to avoid the tedium of having to sit there and manually leave 9 squillion feedbacks.

    If you have ever committed an eBay shopping spree, you will know what a pain in the butt it can be just to have to do 9 or 10 of them!
  8. Unfortunately, nothing requires either buyer or seller to leave feedback. I know how you feel. A few times, I've bought expensive items ($100+, one item nearly $500!) and promptly left positive feedback and sent a nice note to seller telling them I'd done that and appreciated getting their product, and zilch from them--never got a feedback from them. I'd be way higher than I am, if they all did it. Nothing you can do beyond sending one nice note after you've received the item and left feedback for them.
  9. Thank you, everyone for all your replies. When I had posted this I hadn't yet left feedback, so I just did that. I'll just wait and see what happens.

    Thank you all!! :smile: