Etiquette question ladies...

  1. Hi everyone,

    I wanted to ask for some advice. Earlier this year I had a very small diamond pendant made. I designed it with my family's jeweller, who we have used for years and years. It's basically a centre brilliant diamond with 5 or 6 slightly smaller brilliant diamonds around it, sort of like a flower shape. It's set in white gold on a white gold 16" chain and the chain runs through the back of the pendant, not the top, so the pendant sits on the middle of the chain.

    Anyway...I don't wear it. I'm not sure why, but I don't wear it. I can't shake the feeling that the centre diamond is slightly know you can see a flaw in a diamond, but you wonder if it's just you. That and the fact that it's so delicate makes me think it's not really right for me now. I think I need something more substantial. What would you guys do? I can't take it back to the jeweller, I've had it for too long - how would I sell it? Should I take it to another jeweller and see if they will buy it? Do I just put up with it?

    Thanks you guys!
  2. I would take it to a jeweler that that re designes peices, he can add on more so it feels more substantial to you, maybe he can ad on a few semi P stones or more diamonds, this way you keep the necklace and have a new rare peice.
  3. As a designer I would be really hurt if a piece I'd made got sent to another designer. If there is an issue with something I've made I want to be the one to try to fix it. I wouldn't want to do it for free but I would want to work with the person to design something that IS right for them.

    It may be awkward but if you just explain that you don't wear it and would like something different - or perhaps sell it back? Not sure if that is an option.

    To me, the etiquette says go back to the original designer first and if they are busy or don't want to do the work then it's okay to move on to another designer or option.
  4. It seems that your problem is with the quality of the diamonds used not the design per say. If your family jewellers were the ones who supplied the diamonds then they werent really looking after your best interests. They should have explained that the diamond was not eye clean and perhaps offered you other choices or options.

    I would definately go back and (my trick) blame a 3rd person (your parents, friends, work mates etc) and say that you are getting comments on it being dirty or foggy all the time!!!! Tell them you are very upset especially as you trusted them as your family jeweller. They might do the right thing and make good the situation, but it will probably cost you more to upgrade the diamond or the setting.

    You will have little chance to sell it as it is not a great diamond and you wont get much for it to be worth it.

    Go to Pricescope to learn about diamonds. You dont have to follow everything they say, but they know a few things that are worth learning re diamonds. A beautiful sparkly diamond would look great in your delicate setting, and there will be times that you will love that look. You just have to swap out the bad diamond to a good one!
  5. I had a pendant made last spring with a diamond I owned and eight additional pink sapphires that I purchased from our jeweler. Like yours, this was a jeweler we had know and shopped with forever.

    Once I got it home, I was terribly disappointed with the setting, the quality of the work, everything. I was really upset.

    I waited a couple of months and then called the jeweler and told her I'd changed my mind and would prefer a different design. It was a little white lie, but in every other case she had been awesome and I didn't want her to feel badly.

    She was so gracious and drew up a new design right away. Then when I went to pick up the newly-done piece she absolutely refused to let me pay for the new work.

    I hope you are as fortunate as I was.
  6. I'm with Casto and Littlesharon,take it back to the original guy,say your funds are much more healthy now and you were thinking of investing in a brighter stone,theres nothing wrong with that,he will appreciate the repeat business. If you are a bit nervy of approaching him,do as Littlesharon suggested,and then ask him what he thinks,if he agrees then talk about upgrading the stone,he'll make money out of it so don't be shy!!! If the job was done for a specific budget at the time,whats in the pendant now may be the best finances would allow???
  7. Thanks for your suggestions girls, I think I will take a deep breath and try to go back to the jeweller - they may have passed on a poorer quality stone to me as I'm a long-time client's daughter, maybe they throught they could get away with it?

    A bit of an expenseive lesson learnt I guess...