Etiquette on multiple procedures in multiple clinics.


Jan 13, 2010
I am interested in doing zygoma, revision DES, and lipo. All the clinics that I am interested in offer all the procedures, but I only want to do the procedure with the doctor who is best in it. So 3 different clinics for me for those procedures. Between surgeries and removing sutures, they will see all of the work not done by them. Do I just walk in with my face all bandaged up from one clinic to another? Do they get offended?


May 11, 2020
Me too I had a plan like that, going to 3 different clinics but I was planning to leave 1 week between each procedures. I would of stay for 4-5 weeks. First lipo, 2nd breast augmentation and 3rd rhinoplasty. But since the travel restriction seems to last longer, I'm planning to do rhinoplasty in Canada where I live since its same price and surgeons are more used to Caucasian nose here. Some other persons have done that before so I think they will not be offended if you tell them in advance your plan and what the doctor can suggest. I know for me he suggested that I get lipo first because I would have to lay on my belly. If I had rhinoplasty before, it wouldn't be good haha