Etiquette - Invitation to bachelorette party,but not wedding!

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  1. I'm finding this extremely tacky, but then again I'm in my twenties and can't say I've been to many weddings.

    I've been invited to a bachelorette party, but I have not received an invitation to the actual wedding, is this not weird??

    Mind you, the woman and I are not close and we've only hung out a handful of times at social engagements and it is HER SISTER that is planning the bachelorette party, but since this is an event leading up to the big day - I thought why would you invite people that aren't welcome to your wedding?

    I've already declined cause I have a whole lot of work to do for my Masters thesis right now, but I might have moved around some things if she had invited me to her actual wedding.

    Please tell me I am not being childish
  2. Yeah, you are right, that's really tacky.

    I will never understand what goes through people's heads when they do stuff like that.
  3. That's ridiculous, I don't blame you for being irritated! :tdown:
  4. Ummmm RUDE!
  5. I agree that is tacky. I could understand not being invited to the bachelorette party if its only very close friends but being invited to the wedding, but that doesnt make sense.
  6. It is very tacky. Maybe you should bring it to their attention in a polite way? Or just flat out say, "Since I am not invited to the wedding, I feel uncomfortable attending the bachelorette party, so thank you, but I will not be attending the party."
  7. I personally would be up front and say I'm not gonna come to your bachelorete party if i'm not good enough to come to weeding. Maybe she overlook you? Gah that sounds just as bad.
  8. So totally rude!!! Sounds like the bride musn't have many friends and is trying to build numbers for the party!!! Good on you for not going!!!
  9. Ok, thanks for the support ladies! So I am not nuts, I just told this to my bf and he told me that it wouldn't bother him if the situation was his male friend inviting him to the bachelor party and not the wedding, but I guess guys don't really care about stuff like that.

    I think I will just let it be and not think about, I have better things to care about right now.
  10. You are right Mishiechau. It was bad manners to invite you to the bachelorette party but not the wedding. Weddings can be very expensive and sometimes people need to limit their guest list. However, they should NEVER invite someone to a wedding related event (shower, bachelorette party etc.) if they are not intended to be a wedding guest as well. You did the correct thing by declining the invitation.
  11. I was invited to a shower and the wedding, but not the reception. There were actually several of us at the shower who weren't invited to the reception. It felt a little weird.
  12. I hope they weren't expecting you to bring a gift to the bachelorette party. If they weren't then I don't think you should take offense at the woman, although her behaviour is kind of puzzling. Like some people said, perhaps the guest list for the wedding is very limited. The bachelorette party is not a formal event, so maybe she thought she could invite her more casual acquaintances to share in her happiness, without putting you under obligation to buy a gift by inviting you to the wedding. Did that make sense?
  13. Florasun - Yes, what you are saying makes sense. I don't think gifts were expected at the bachelorette party.

    Like I said, I am not going to think about it....I am still sending a note to wish them all the best with the wedding and the marriage, and I will leave it at that.
  14. ^ Way to take the high road- very classy of you!
  15. ^^ Ita!!