Etiquette Hell

This is a story from my parent's wedding 46 years ago. My dad's brother was best man, my mom's sister was MOH, there were two other adult attendants, and since my uncle had six children, they all (except the youngest, who was only a year old) had a part -- the oldest boy was junior groomsman, the oldest girl was junior bridesmaid, the youngest boy was the ring bearer, and the twin girls were flower girls.

The wedding was lovely (the pictures attest to that) and all went very well, until the reception.
Apparently, the junior groomsman was teasing his little brother and little brother had had Enough! Unfortunately, his timing wasn't the best. Just as two nice, elderly ladies were commenting on how well behaved the children had been -- "especially that ring bearer. He was so cute, and so well mannered!" -- he hauled off and hit his brother with the pillow.
Since everyone knows no wedding can be complete without at least one mini disaster, I was quite surprised to find mine going so well. We had finished the vows, were lighting the unity candle, and all that was left was to be announced to the church as Mr. and Mrs. --- As we were lighting the candle, it became very quiet in the church. Suddenly my cousin's son (about 3 or 4 years old at the time) asks his mom "Are they married yet?" It wasn't extremely loud, but it was enough to cause a chuckle through several rows of the congregation, and it was crystal clear on the video. It was absolutely adorable, and I wouldn't trade that one sentence for anything.
My boyfriend and I recently attended the wedding of one of his friends from high school. My boyfriend was a groomsman, however, as a guest I sat in a far corner of the church. Anyway, about halfway through the wedding, I could see Paul's (my boyfriend) face getting incredibly red. Soon, the other members of the wedding party were all acting like they were going to burst out laughing. It turns out that the ringbearer and flower girl were having a fight in the front of the church. The flowergirl was sitting on the floor with her skirt up over her head. When the ringbearer (her older brother) tried to fix her dress, the four year old flowergirl took off her shoe and threw it at him! Then she took off the other shoe and threw it into the congregation! Finally, the bride turned around, saw what was happening and started laughing so hard she was crying. The embarrassed mother took the children out as soon as she could get to them, but I have never laughed so hard at a wedding as I did that night.
Just had to tell you a quick story that happened at my friend's birthday party in which he'd planned to surprise my other friend and propose to her. And unfortunately the "Wicked Witch" of the party was my own son, "Darian". These 2 friends are my 4 year old son's godparents whom we'll call Bob and Clare.
I can honestly say that my son is normally very well behaved and we constantly receive compliments on how well mannered he is. One of his latest phases is to tell women (relatives, store clerks, his teachers) that he wants to marry them. It's typical of his age and most people laugh. Naturally, he also wanted to marry his "Aunt Clare."
Well it's Bob's birthday, his closest friends are in attendance and all has been going great. Bob gets down on one knee and asks Clare to marry him. She says yes and everyone claps and cheers. Then, the Horror happens. Darian storms up to couple, points his finger at the groom-to-be and shouts, "Uncle Bob, you ruined my life! Aunt Clare was going to marry me! I'm mad at you! You ruined my life!!!"
Needless to say, both my husband and I, horrified and embarrassed beyond belief, apologize profusely, quickly take Darian aside and get him calmed down. We'd prayed he was only joking, but no, he really was mad.
Luckily for us, the couple laughed it off and even plan on having Darian as a guest at their wedding, despite our insistence that we understood if he wasn't wanted. My husband and I are both in the wedding and her sister has volunteered to "rein him in" should he try to disturb the ceremony.
So, here's to lots of praying that my friend doesn't have her own story to tell about the kid who ruins her wedding.