Etincelerauthentications: Anyone used enticer in person service for Chanel boy bag?

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  1. Hi,

    I'm in love with Chanel boy and can't afford the retail price so looks like pre-owned is the only route I can take for now. Since none of the authenticators authenticate bags with serial number 17mil and beyond, I'm looking for an alternate option. Someone recommended in person authentication by Etincelerauthentications. I've used etincelerauthentications email authentication services (never in person service) in the past many times and totally impressed by their knowledge and professionalism. However, I wanted to know if someone used their in person service earlier and how was the experience, turn around time etc? Is shipping bag the only option or I can take my bag to their location as well?

    Thanks for the help
  2. I'm in a similar camp. Do you know where they are located?
  3. So far, I know they are in CA and DC. I hope I get some feedback as I'm dying to own a boy :smile:
  4. I'm shipping them a bag next week. I'll post updates on my experience
  5. Good luck. Looking forward to hear your experience.
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  7. If I have to mail something in, I would also consider Leather Surgeons (

    For mail-in authentication, they are my first choice. Etinceler is absolutely awesome. It's just that LS is the best for mail-in. It's not really something that can be disputed.

    For paid online authentication, Etinceler is my first choice.
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  8. Thanks so much for this info. I called them and had a chance to talk to Gerry. Very strange that he advised not to send anything except the bag (no dustbag or authenticity card). Looks like he knows what he's talking about. I'll be sending my bag to him tomorrow. Hopefully the outcome will be favorable

    Can't wait to use my boy if it's authentic. Thanks again Roku :smile:
  9. probably because they have a million bags they are refurbing for Chanel and they don't want to risk losing parts or getting things mixed up. Smart! and np, good luck!