Etinceler Authenticators - reviews

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  1. #1 May 13, 2016
    Last edited: May 13, 2016
    has anyone used them recently?
    Any feedback or review you can share?
    Their website has stated that they normally had a 48 hr turn around time. Almost the 48 hr timeline but I still have not received the Cert of Auth/feedback.
  2. #2 May 13, 2016
    Last edited: May 13, 2016
    they just sent it!! Delivered as promised!!
    Amazing timing!!

    Happy weekend everyone
  3. I sent them an email on Thursday and today Monday they still haven't replied :sad: what should I do ?
  4. I used them last year just once and had a great experience. They responded fairly quickly, within a day. I also chatted with them for several days to understand how in person authentication works. It's odd that they have not responded in days. I would just send a follow-up tomorrow morning. Weekend may also not count as part of the 48 hours.
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