Etienne Aigner - worth it?

  1. I just realized I don't have any green bags, and I think green is such a pretty and unusual color....would be fun for summer. Since I'm too broke to buy another designer bag, I was wondering about an Etienne Aigner bag - for those of you who have it - is it good, durable, worth the price? :yes:

    I'd appreciate some opinions! :biggrin:
  2. I only have a silk etienne aigner scarf and it's from the beginning of the 80s, it's like new.
  3. I had one in high school (20+ years ago) and it was well made and really held up well.
  4. Funny that you would post this...I recently bought one; I found it in the clearance rack at Macy's and paid about $35.00 for it. It was originally $100.00. It's not of the quality that I'm used to: the leather isn't as soft and the stitching isn't as precise. However, the color and shape are gorgeous. At that price, I could not pass it up. The irony is that I get complimented on the bag as much as (if not more than) my more expensive bags. And this bag is way more functional than my more expensive bags. It has lots of hidden pockets. When I bought it, it had an "A" hanging from a leather piece, which I promptly removed. I love that the "A" was removeable. I also love that it's very low key.

    This was supposed to be a backup/rainy day bag, but I'm finding that I love this bag as much as my others, but for different reasons.
  5. The one that I have my eye on is a crocodile material, I wonder how much of that is real leather.... Is yours still sturdy and does it still hold its shape?
  6. For the price, they are nice bags. Don't expect quality leather or all the touches you get with higher end bags, but the are fine throw around bags.

  7. I paid $17 for mine:smile:

    And while it might not have the same quality leather as my Bals, it is one heck of a nice $17 bag:yahoo:

    Seriously, I have two pairs of shoes that are exactly the same color and similar in style to this bag and it is a great bag for when I want to look conservative and well put together.

    With the added bonus that I don't feel as sick putting it on the floor as I do with a more expensive bag because as soon as I get out to my car, I wipe it down with my "adrian monk wipes":roflmfao:
  8. I would say yes I've never owned one of their bags but their shoes are nice I have a couple of pairs. I also owned one of their wallets a while ago it was a nice well made wallet I don't remember what I did to it though.
  9. The bag I'm looking at was a bag and wallet set orginally for $190, but I asked the seller if I could buy just the bag. She said she can let it go for $75.... good price or not?
  10. That's way too much. You can find these bags on sale and much cheaper. Shop around.
  11. I used to think that Entienne Aigner was an old lady bag but I like some of the bags they have. I have a few of their bags too :smile:
  12. I own some shoes too. Quality seems nice and they have held up well.
  13. I Had One In 7th Grade (23 Years Ago!)....It Was A Gorgeous Bag (It Is ~ I Still Have It!).....It Was An 80's Burgandy Flap Bag From Bloomingdales!!!

    If You Love It & Are Going To Use It. $75.00 ~ Isn't Bad!!! ;)
  14. Thanks for these opinions! I finally persuaded her to bring it down to $68. Can't wait to get it... it's a pretty classy looking green bag from the Sutton Place Collection....
  15. ^Congratulations!!! You Will :heart: It!!!! What A Great Summer Bag!!!!!:flowers: