Etienne Aigner bags.....

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  1. Strange how Macy's spelled the brand name incorrectly.
  2. I love that bag, and have a 20% coupon for Macy's. The cucumber color looks grayish. Has anyone seen it? I have never had an AE bag, but I have had lots of their shoes.
  3. ^^ i actually ordered the cucumber color, its very nice although the color on it is not very even... maybe its just me??

    i'll upload some pics

    any experts here on etienne?? no dustbag? is it just macys??
  4. [​IMG]
  5. I have a few of their purses. They did not come with dust bags.
    I love them. There are many different styles and not too expensive.
  6. thank you!!!!! you've made my day :flowers:
    i'm a neat freak, i keep all my purses stuffed and in their dustbags. i thought macys forgot to send me one, and i'd have to deal with customer service.

    btw, how do these bags hold up?
  7. my mom still has these bags! so they hold up pretty well. I love that's super cute!
  8. Wow, I love that bag, what a pretty color!

  9. Oh I have such a soft spot for EA..I still have one of the oxblood bags from the 80's. Just love it. :love:
  10. my very first designer bag was an aigner....geez, i think it was back in the early 80's...held up for ever, finally gave it to my mom and i think she still has it!
  11. Yeah, not all brands come with a dustbag.

    That bag is really cute! I have a pair of EA shoes, I love 'em.
  12. I have an Etienne Aigner too! It is absolutely lovely. I think these bags are simple and timeless. Mine has held up very well and also did not come with a dust bag. I agree with PP and love the color! :smile: Smart purchase!
  13. Monkeedmafia,

    That bag is beautiful! I have had several Etienne Aigner handbags over the years, none came with dust bags, but they all lasted seemingly forever!
  14. I've had my EA for over five years and it's still as good as new. No dust bag here either.