Ethiopian Man on Trial in Georgia for Circumcising Daughter

  1. I just saw this news story on, so I hope that it hasn't been posted here yet. I was pretty shocked by the article.

    READ HERE: - Ethiopian Man on Trial in Georgia for Circumcising Daughter - Local News | News Articles | National News | US News

    What do you all think about what he (or whoever did it) did? What punishment should that person get, if any at all? If those who circumcise their sons aren't being taken to court, why are those who do the same to their daughters? **Please don't think that I am conding female circumcision, I am just posing the question**
  2. As far as I'm concerned, he's innocent until proven guilty. It's possible his claim that his wife's family had the procedure done before they left Africa is actually the truth.
  3. Argh, maybe I should reword my question :smile: I meant to ask if he (or really..anybody else) did it, what type of punishment should they get, etc
  4. If he is indeed guilty then he should have a major prison sentence...doing that to the poor girl was mutilation and torture:sad:

    It is somewhat contradictory to say that circumscising males an acceptable societal norm, though...

    tough question!
  5. Did they check? Does she not have one?

    I don't condone it by any means. (I don't condone male circumcision either.) Both, to me, are brutal and unnecessary procedures.

    I feel he's innocent until proven guilty. (And, forgive me if this is a stupid question, but if this was allegedly done when she was two, why didn't they do anything then? She's seven now. And isn't there a statute of limitations or something?)
  6. To add: If he is found guilty, he should be put away for a long time. That's sexual abuse, torture and aggrivated assault (and reckless endangerment).
  7. Ugh. I wrote a 35 page paper on female genital mutilation once for an anthropology class. The research made me sick to my stomach with the things I read/pictures.
  8. Agree that he is innocent until proven guilty. What I would like to know is how the mother didn't notice for over a year: Prosecutors say Adem used scissors to remove his daughter's clitoris in their apartment in 2001. The child's mother said she did not discover it until more than a year later.
    I would assume that there would've been bleeding and at least a scab which should've been noticeable...and probably problems/pain with urination. Plus - how did she discover it a year later - after the wound would've been healed. Also - Can a 7-year old really remember what happened to her when she was 2?

    It just seems like there are a lot of unanswered questions in my mind....
  9. I was wondering that too. Don't they say that most memories retained start at 3 or something?
  10. Wanted to add - I am in no means supporting what happened to this child - just questioning the background of the story and the charges...
  11. When you wrote your paper, how old are the girls when it happens?
    Doesn't that happen when the girl is 12, 13, 14?
    (It's before she's the right age to be married?)

    And I've seen a picture, too. *shudders* It was an episode of Penn & Teller's ********! when they were talking about (male) circumcision. They were saying they didn't understand why everyone's so up in arms about female circumcision but not so much about male circumcision.
  12. gross. after readin the bold title--i didnt feel likebothering to keep reading...
  13. eek.That makes my skin crawl....
  14. This is really upsetting for everyone involved. This sort of thing was once featured on a nip/tuck episode and it was hard for the woman to get her life back. I feel bad for the girl
  15. ITA. This makes me sick.