Ethinicity and personality - are they related?

  1. This is not in anyway meant to be a put down of any race, but something that causes me to think whether ethnicity and personality are in any way related.

    I've had to work with a person and had some issues with them. I've tried to be polite and considerate, but sometimes this person responds to my remarks either with sarcasm or snarkiness in public, even if I'm trying to be helpful. This not only happens with me, but with other people also.

    If she's called up on it, she doesn't really apologize to anyone, but claims it's a result of "my Italian temper".

    Is this true? Are people of Italian descent more emotional or is she just having a problem with people interaction and blaming it on her ethnicity?
  2. There is no relation what-so-ever. Your personality is based on conditioning.
  3. no. I would say jerks come in all colors. lol.
  4. Couldn't have said it better!!
  5. yeeep so true!
  6. I think it's conditioning. However, if you want to see something in someone, you'll see it there. Pre-conceived notions or preconceptions are hard to break. It's a part of our society.

    It's pretty sad that your co-worker uses that as a crutch. She sounds like a weak character.
  7. ethnicity and personality are not related. Your co-worker is just not a team player. She's really doing her own heritage a disservice by stereotyping in that fashion.
  8. She's feebly attempting to use her culture as a scapegoat :yucky:
    I married into a very Italian family and DH has a very short temper, but no one in his family dares try and blame it on his bloodline, it's ignorant.
    Everyone makes a choice when they open their mouth, it has nothing to do w/ their heritage IMO.
  9. Yup. She uses her heritage as a handy excuse to behave as poorly as she wants. She sounds like a total jerk to me.
  10. You tend to pick up parts of your personality from your relatives, but not because of your ethnic background. My family background is largely Irish/Scottish. My mom's family all has red hair. My mom's family is full of very easily angered snippy people. This would be considered a common stereotype, but it isn't true for all red-haired-Irish-background families :p
  11. These 2 are absolutley correct.. im sure there are tons of sterotypes about certain ethnicity groups, but ive seen people who embody them and people who obliterate them.. its conditioning..
  12. It's not her race or ethnicity. It 's the person itself that wants to act like a fool.
  13. I believe you can be of any ethinicity and be short tempered or very calmed natured. However, I believe in our world certain "types" of people are assumed to be one way So, imo, if you're a WASP and anger you're just being a jerk. If you're Italian and anger it's just who you are and we should deal with it. I've seen people say so many times "oh, he/she's (whatever race/nationality) that's why they (insert trait her)." I think people are trying to be PC and it's stupid.
  14. ^^ you mean like the Brits are supposed to have the 'stiff upper lip' and so on?

  15. Yeah, or the French hate Americans and the list goes on...

    but, I have met some French that DO and some that DONT.. and the same applies to all sterotypical statements about races...