Ethics Question on Mismarked Prices

  1. As noted on another thread, most people would call out a price that rings up higher than the item is marked or advertised.

    But what happens when the item scans/rings up lower than marked or advertised?

    Do you still call it to the attention of the clerk?

    Do you remain quiet and go back for more?

    It's happened to me and I've done both depending on the store, item and the value.
  2. No. I've never felt conflicted about this since I always thought that most likely the items were meant to be marked down as the system reflects and somehow the employees missed tagging it with the lower price.
  3. I have had items ring up lower and I've never pointed it out or question it. I consider it a lucky day!
  4. This recently happened to me when purchasing a Longchamp purse at bloomingdales. I picked up a large in graphite and was only charged $100. I tried to point out the mistake but the saleswoman simply said it was the sale price, even though I knew it definitely wasn't
  5. I don't typically point out when an item comes up lower than expected. I just assume that they haven't gotten around to re-marking all of the price tags with the new stickers.
  6. Sometimes when a tagged price is too good to be true, especially on household goods like lamps or dishware, I go up to the register knowing there is a chance there's a mistake and I will have to pay the actual price. It feels lucky when the cashier lets it slide, or I get it for an even lower discount price!
  7. I'm bumping this because I've got a question/situation that ties in with it:

    While at Baby Gap for their last "Extra 40% Off Clearance" sale, I pulled a pair of shorts off a mannequin because they were marked clearance and were the last pair left. The shorts had a leather belt with them and there was a large security sensor through the belt and shorts (to connect the two together). There was no tag hanging from the belt and when I brought them (and my other purchases) to check out, the cashier removed the security tag, scanned the shorts, and moved on.

    After my son wore the shorts, I threw the set in the hamper. When I did laundry recently (he's got a lot of clothes; this purchase was well over a month ago), I pulled the belt out of the shorts and noticed a price tag on the back! The belt had also been marked down, and I'm torn on the best way to handle things.

    I don't want to make an hour round-trip just to go to the store and pay for the belt. I was thinking I'd wait until the next time I'm in town, but I have a feeling it'll be way marked down and I'll feel slightly guilty paying a deeply discounted price. Should I call customer service or the store? A tiny part of me wants to say "too bad for them, it was the SA's fault", and it's only a few dollars, but I'm not a thief.

    What would you ladies do?
  8. Let it go. They'll probably think you are nuts. As has been pointed out by others, in a big store the system is not set up to correct mistakes.

    My own ethics on this subject is that is depends on the seller. If it's a small family-owned store that undercharges or gives me back too much change or similar, I mention it. A big multi-national, I don't sweat it. I figure they have spohisticated loss prevention programs in place and who am I to say something? For all I know, it's on sale or will be next week.
  9. This certainly doesn't make you a thief. If I were you id consider myself lucky and just let it go especially since it was way over a month ago. However, if you feel like you must do something or else you'll be bothered id call the store and speak to the manager. Im sure it will be a pleasant surprise, it isn't often folks are calling to offer to pay more then they were charged :smile:
  10. In this case I would not even think twice. It doesn't affect the store or the SA so consider it your little gift for spending so much money there.
  11. Do nothing.
  12. i would just let it go. its a thank-you for shopping here gift!!

    there's this ice cream place by my house, its a small chain (theres 3 of them in the area), and the cashiers never give me the right change, even though they have a cash register that tells them how much to give. i always correct them and give the extra money back, but you can bet that they wouldnt get it back if that happened at sbux!! maybe its because i feel a personal attachment to the ice cream place, fabric of the community type of thing, but i feel bad taking/stealing/shafting "real" people, and not even remotely bad taking an extra dollar back from a huge impersonal corp...
  13. If you had realized this immediately when you were still in the mall, I would say go back and pay for it. However, since it has been so long, I agree with others that you should let it go. At this point, it may only get that SA in trouble.